Your Love Plan

Life’s fierce storms batter us against the harsh terrain, brutal relationships crush the human spirit, and wrongful thinking wreaks havoc on our lives.

We spend days, months, years, and even lifetimes, trying to make sense of it all, when all we want is to feel appreciated, a place to belong, and to feel a sense of love, peace, joy, abundance and success.

All of this is possible when we step aside and let the light of Love in. When we experience the overwhelming joy of what we are, we will never go back to our old way of thinking and living, But hey, don’t take my word for it – try it out for yourself.

After spending many years believing I loved myself no matter what, I found out – much to my bewilderment, that this was not true. I did love certain parts of me, but not all of me. I loved the parts of me that were kind, honest, funny, helpful, generous and loving, but I deeply despised the parts of me that were angry, hateful, harmful, spiteful, and especially the parts of me where I had hurt others, and the parts of me that were based on lack and fear. I hated the part of me that judged and criticized others, and the parts of me that would marginalize people where I thought they were different from me. And here I was thinking I was so loving and great. 

So what happened? How could I have got this so wrong? After many years, tears, anger, fearful thoughts, regrets, hatred – and many other adjectives could be used – I decided to stop. Stop being so hard on myself, and instead, to find out who I really am. I found out that at the core of each of us, is an Intelligent Love that connects us all. But why could I not access and live from that space all the time? I had let barnacles of the soul cover the truth of who I am, and this course is based on my own personal experience of bringing Love into each and every area of my life; of forgiving myself and others. Most importantly – it brought me back to me.

Onwards, upwards, inwards, homeward bound.

I love you.

What do I get with my Love Plan?

  1. An interactive online course to guide and help you Love Yourself No Matter What.
  2. A Love Booklet to motivate and encourage you to push past the pain and to experience a life of freedom, joy and love.
  3. Your Love-Deep-Dive Quiz will help you assess your personalized Love-barometer status.

What to expect

This is an interactive online course, and helps you step-by-step to look at and heal:

  1.   you and self-identification
  2.   you and your values and beliefs
  3.   you and healing your mind
  4.   you and your emotions
  5.   you and living on autopilot
  6.   you and your personal relationships
  7.   you and your professional relationships
  8.   you and your relationship with money and success
  9.   you and your relationship with Love

How do I access my Love Plan?

Your Love Plan will be accessible via the Love Yourself Online School, and you will be advised of the launch date via my mailing list. Subscribe here to sign up to my mailing list, so that you can find out when you can get immediate access to Your Love Plan, and to keep up to date with all the latest news and views.

How much does my Love Plan cost?

It is, and always will be, FREE. There is no cost to you at all, other than an investment of your time for the betterment of yourself, your life, others and the world as a whole. Not much of a price to pay for the rewards you will receive.