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These podcasts cover a variety of topics relating to mental and emotional wellbeing, and success. There is so much information overload in today’s technical age of advanced technology.

Podcasts are a wonderful way to plug in and listen to topics that resonate with where you are at in your life. Listen to them while out walking, or simply just relaxing. Knowledge is power.

Here you will find diverse articles. Some deal with business wellbeing, others with your mental and emotional wellbeing, and still others to help you love yourself – no matter what.

There will be contributing authors, so that you can enjoy an array of choice, and a different perspective on a topic. Contributing authors will have their own voice and in no way indicates the viewpoint of JLB Wellness.

Blogs are perfect interludes. So, have a coffee break, breathe, relax and enjoy.



The only constant is change. I was contemplating editing my first edition of 12 Steps to Loving You™, but then it dawned on me. It is okay to change my viewpoint on something. After all, that is a part of evolution, n’est pas? Whilst the underlying message in this book is universal and remains as is, there are certain elements in the book that I share as my personal experience at the time. In hindsight, it could have been any path that brought me to the place of loving myself, which is an ongoing process, but the ones listed in this book are from my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Now, in my 50’s, I see things differently. Perhaps it is age-old wisdom, or more the ability to go further and deeper within myself, removing even more blockages to Love. I have come to learn that if I want to truly love myself, I need to show love, compassion, kindness, generosity and faithfulness to me. There is still so much relevance in this book, and it will certainly help you go a long way in starting your journey of self-love, acceptance and forgiveness.

I love you, and now it is your turn to love yourself too.