Part II – Change

Have you ever seen a kitten play with a ball of wool and make an absolute mess out of it? They seem to be having so much fun that you just let them carry on with it, with the intent of unraveling it all later. Sometimes you do unravel it, only to have the cat play with it again, and other times, you just leave the tangled mess as it is. This is pretty much what we oftentimes do with our lives. We create a tangled mess (oh the tangled webs we weave), and then we battle with trying to unravel it all. Well this is exactly what this program does. It helps you unravel the tangled mess you have created – as a direct result of the thoughts you have held – and it helps you create something completely new and beautiful with what was once considered by you to be a tangled mess to big to sort out. All this takes is a commitment to 12-Weeks of undivided focus and attention on spending at least 30 minutes a day on working on loving yourself no matter what. Your life is in your hands, and mind. Choose for love, and watch how your life changes from the inside out. It is never too late to start again.