Part I – YOU

There is a fundamental process in this program, and it is as follows:

  1. All of us have a story we could tell about our lives up until now – our past.
  2. We could tell a story about what is happening right now in this very moment – the present.
  3. And finally, we could tell a story about how we want our future to look like, and what we believe happens to us when we are no longer in this material world of form.

This program is here to help you:

  • clear the playing fields of your life – press the reset button
  • unravel your past – release, forgive and let go
  • create a life that is in alignment with what you desire
Once you release your attachment to the past, any attachment to future outcomes, and any attachment to things currently in your life – once you become a blank canvas – you will be able to design a future so bright and right just for you. In this moment. And this is what this program is created to help you with. One step at a time.