Wellness Coaching

Our coaching sessions focus on our 12-Weeks to Loving You wellness program. 

The sessions are personalized to our client’s needs, and each session has its own milestones. This allows you to achieve specific outcomes without allowing any form of distraction or self-sabotage to get in the way of your healing and change.

Feel free to book a FREE 15 minute introductory session to find out more. All other coaching sessions are 1 hour each.

To unconditionally love yourself, you need to know who you are, and then remove all the obstacles that stand between you and Love. This coaching program is a one of a kind, and will help you do just this.

Wellness Coaching is for anyone who is battling to break free from the past, and who is struggling with loving oneself. It is for anyone battling with mental, emotional and spiritual conflict, and who has a desire and willingness to see and live life differently.

It is non-prescriptive, as it leads you to the mirror of who you are, but it does not tell you what to see. It allows you to see yourself just as you are. In your pure perfection. Barnacles of the soul cloud our true vision of who we are, and it is time to pry these barnacles off your identity, and to see yourself as the gem within. You are authentically you, wherever you are. And the most amazing relationship you can have, is the relationship with yourself. Love yourself first and all else will fall into place.

In this program, you are encouraged to be honest and open about all your fears, doubts, hurts, grievances, and more …. but once you have done that, you need to put your story in the told-and-finished box. Done and dusted. You get to learn to suspend your judgment of yourself, others and your view of the world.

The coaching sessions provide a safe environment and private space for you to come and just be yourself, without any need to prove yourself to anyone, not even to yourself. No more lies. You choose how many sessions you want, and the Wellness Coach will guide you in the process of loving yourself – no matter what. Should your Wellness Coach believe it necessary that you need medical intervention, then this will be conveyed to you. In no ways do these coaching sessions detract from any medical intervention that you are currently undertaking.

This is a Love 12-Week Program – to bridge the gap from who you think you are, to who you truly are.


There are different milestones based on the coaching session and/or bundle coaching package you elect to do. 

There are different milestones for each session. You will receive each Milestone when you schedule each session in your bundle package. Whilst Milestones are set, they are not cast in stone. Some personal issues might take longer to achieve than others, so a certain level of flexibility will be maintained.

When you book your bundle Coaching Sessions, you will be redirected to book each Session individually, up front. Within each email confirmation you will receive that session’s milestone/s.

You can find out more about milestones in your FREE 15 minute Introductory Session. 

The meaning of life is the meaning you give it. Allow yourself the freedom and space to reprogram outdated programming, those things that no longer serve you. You are homeward bound, hurtling through time and space – and some people are shouting at the top of their lungs – somebody stop this planet, I want to get off.

What about if instead of having an intense desire to get off the planet, you turn this right on its head and start to live a life joyfully. Full of love, acceptance, abundance, happiness, strength, energy, compassion and so much more. It is possible.