Teachers of God Foundation

The mission of the Teachers of God Foundation is to be a light in this world and share ideas from A Course in Miracles with anyone who wants to have their own transformation and awakening experience. Their goal is to help people realize their own true Identity in God.

The Teachers of God Foundation offers online programs and events that are designed to bring awareness to the practical and simple principles contained in A Course in Miracles. These principles are simple – forgiveness, prayer, listening to Inner Guidance, spending time each day with God – which leads to a direct experience of miracles and healing.

Their message is simple: They have found a way to live in joy without conflict and they are happy to share it with anyone who is ready for a new way of life.

Paraphrased from the Teachers of God website – click here to find out more. I have followed the Teachers of God Foundation since 2017, and have received much peace through their teachings.