Timeless Wisdom

There are laws of physics and nature based on the material world of form, and then there are universal spiritual principles and laws, some of which defy the former laws. In our studies of the texts below, i.e. A Course in Miracles (born in the West), and the Tao Te Ching (born in the East), we will look at some of the universal spiritual (the unseen realm) laws and principles that governs our lives and the world. The latter laws and principles supersede the former, and it is these laws and principles that we should be governing our lives and the world upon.

Timeless Wisdom is not merely ascribed to a certain time period, but it is applicable through all directions of time and space. A classic is a classic, regardless of the era.

What strikes me as profound between the two converging spiritual masterpieces below, is the fact that one was born in the busyness of the West, and the other in the serenity of the East. Both seem to be ‘downloaded’ wisdom from an intelligent Source beyond our world of space and time, yet both are here to teach us truths about ourselves, life and what lies beyond the physical eye. They both teach us how we should be living our lives here on earth. And the reason this strikes me as profound, is because it just proves that whether you are living in a cosmopolitan city, or on a mountain top in some distant land, you are able to connect with your own Timeless Wisdom within yourself. You just need to drown out the noise of the busyness of life, to quieten your mind and soul, and to go deep within, to find the essence of who you are, and to apply the practical lessons on how best to live your life while here on earth.

It is my hope that these two masterpieces will touch your lives in ways that your lives have never been touched before.

It is my hope that your outer hard shell will start to crack open, and that the light that you are will start to shine forth.

You are not an island, but instead you are a drop of water in a vast expansive ocean. You are but a part of the whole.

A Course in Miracles

The Tao Te Ching

From the West : A Course in Miracles

A complete self-study spiritual thought system.

Scribe: Helen Cohn Schucman (July 14, 1909 – February 9, 1981)

Nationality: American

Occupation: Professor of Medical Psychology. Colombia University

Known for: A Course in Miracles

First Edition: 1975

From the East : Tao Te Ching

Living and Applying the Great Way

Scribe: Lao Tzu (born 571 BC – unknown date of death)

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Philosopher, Teacher, Writer, Archivist

Known for: The Tao Te Ching

First Edition: 4th Century BC (Published in English – 1868)

A Course in Miracles is a path of spiritual development that takes the form of an educational course consisting of a Text, a Workbook for Students, and a Manual for Teachers. Its aim is to reeducate our basic perception of reality and teach us to extend this new perception to others, so that we can both give happiness and find happiness. – Circle of Atonement

The Tao Te Ching consists of 81 short verses, but they are profoundly powerful and impactful, when applied in your life. This is ancient wisdom which is timeless in the lessons it teaches. These 81 verses offers all of us such precise guidance on virtually every area of human existence, and none of these lessons that can be learnt are outdated.

Wisdom for all Ages

After searching for the truth; searching for the meaning of life and all that is; after oscillating from science and the laws of nature, to various religious and spiritual paths, including various Eastern teachings and becoming a Reiki Master and a Reverend as so ordained by the online Universal Life Church, I came to the knowing that there are a multitude of paths one can take to stay on the quest for our imagined holy grail. I even got my online honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics, for goodness sake. But let’s face it, staying on a quest is not meant to be eternal.

Isn’t the point of searching actually to find? I have found so much hypocrisy along the way. Misleading notions of grandeur, and an even more misleading principle that the great elusive God out there is like some kind of magic genie, who will just grant your every wish. You name it, claim it, fake it tell you make it – and hey presto! – you will get it. Well, while this sounds all grand and alluring, it is far from the wisdom that our ancestors have taught us, and far from the truth of Truth.

Like herd mentality we tell ourselves that if the proverbial they say it is so, then it must be so. We idolize so many, putting them on pedestals. Making gods out of men. We glorify the ridiculous. We label things, give things names, and in so doing, we limit the very things that are nameless. But I get it. I do. Yes, we do need to be able to communicate with others the very things we are speaking about. But what if some things just cannot be explained in words. Things that go beyond human understanding or comprehension. What if it is also not just about experiences, but it is something that is so beyond our comprehension, that our minds would literally seize to be if we were to see with the all-knowing eye?

So yes, you can follow the herd and find safety and comfort in numbers, but when it all comes down to it, you and you alone are the one who is going to leave this earthly world, on a journey beyond your todays, beyond the moments of time. And, again, if you don’t believe that there is anything outside of this earthly realm, that is fine too. No judgment. Just know this, you have only one person you need to be honest with, and that is yourself. Choose for yourself. Choose wisely, truthfully and with love and compassion in your heart. Be gentle with you and follow your heart.

Because there are so many different spiritual paths to choose from, one can get gridlocked in the enormity of it all. Seeking becomes an addiction. Instead of being joyful that you have found the Truth within you, you continue to seek, thinking that there is a bigger and better gem waiting to be found. And while this might be true, it is not an efforting search for Truth outside of yourself, but a gentle flow of awareness to the inner being of who you are. Love’s pure presence. As the Truth starts to unfold, you will find that the chains that once bound you to addictions of searching and learning will soon dissipate. You will experience subtle shifts. A shift of relaxing and restoration. A shift from busyness to one of calm and just being. I have searched for over 5 decades for the Truth, and found two teachings that speak to my soul – A Course in Miracles and Living the Wisdom of the Tao. They light my path homeward bound. They are experiential ways of being. They illuminate who I Am. They are perfect for me at this moment in time. They are Timeless Wisdom.