Wellness Programs


JLB Wellness Programs are dedicated solely to your mental and emotional wellbeing. They focus on your perception of yourself and life, and on how to wipe the canvas clean and paint a whole new landscape. One that you want. One that is designed with your dreams and aspirations in mind.

And it is possible.

Once you have cleared the canvas, you get to choose what you believe to be true, who you want to be on the canvas, and what colors to use. The styles are yours to choose. Just compare Picasso to Monet to get the general idea.

There will always be art critics, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So paint what you want for you, not to please others. This is your gift to yourself and to the world. You are uniquely gifted to create what you desire. 

Love Yourself – No Matter What. We are so often our own worst critic. Would we talk to our closest friends the way we often talk to ourselves? Not always. Yet we are hard on ourselves, and if left unchecked, this can cause all sorts of emotional, mental and physical problems.

In this Program you learn 12 simple steps that will take you from a place of fear, of not loving yourself, to one of extreme self-love, self-awareness and self-compassion. You owe it to yourself to love yourself no matter what.

We are the observers of life. We see things as we think they are, through the lens of our own self-interpretation, bias, prejudices, biases and discrimination. Whether we are aware of this or not, it is happening every second of every day. Some are accused of looking at life through rose-tinted glasses.

True healing comes through the healing of the mind. Through what we think, believe and changing our perceptions we learnt through past experiences. Wellness from within begins with mental and emotional wellbeing.

Success is personal, subjective and has no limits. Whatever you believe success is to you, you can create your own success blueprint that will help you get to where you want to be. There will be setbacks, sidesteps, and other forms of obstacles in your way to achieving your success; lets call this the Cha Cha dance of Success.

In this dance, you will learn to work your way around these obstacles, to maintain emotional calm, peace and joy while you carve out your own success for your life. A life well lived.