Success from Within™


Success is so personal and subjective. What is success to one might just very well be meaningless to another. While some are consumed by ‘rising to the top’, others might want a simple existence and are happy with having enough each day. There is no judgment. There is only one golden rule. While setting the blueprint for success in your life, remember – do no harm to another.

Many people have never taken a ‘success-inventory’ of their own life. They can see outside themselves those that they perceive to be successful, because these people are achieving what they want to achieve. Once you start to focus outward, you forget about paving your own way ahead, and you become a sideline cheerleader or critic of those who are actually making their dreams a reality in this material world.

Success is an inward journey. Stop looking outside yourself. Isn’t it time you created your own blueprint for success, and then set actionable steps to achieve your dreams. Yes, it is time. You’ve got this.

I had never thought about what success meant to me. Never. Not even when I became a director of a company. I just carried on with my life, happy with the way most things were working out for me. But then I realized late in life that I need to become crystal clear on what success looks like to me and then work towards achieving those goals and aspirations.

I went on to realize that success meant different things in different areas of my life but that there was always an over-arching success trait that flowed through everything. It is amazing to see what you see, when you least expect it. I saw that although I hadn’t defined success, I was, insofar as societal norms go, successful. Yet what people did not see were the areas where I had no, or very little, success or control. But that’s okay too. I believe everything is as it should be. Valuables lessons have been learnt and I can in turn impart this knowledge on to others.

So, again, what is success to you? If you could see it clearly in your mind’s eye, what would you see? What would it look like, feel like, sound like? There is no right or wrong answer, there is only what you believe success to be – for you.

Once you know what success looks, sounds and feels like, you are ready to start creating your success blueprint, small milestones to achieve your objectives, and then to integrate success into the very fabric of who you are.

It is a wonderful experience, and well worth doing, to ensure you are on the right track to achieving all the success you wish for in your life.