Workplace Wealth

This program will challenge your definition and meaning assigned to wealth. You have been preconditioned to think of wealth in terms of monetary gain and led to believe business is all about making money. Whilst this is the most common purpose for having a business, it is actually third in line when it comes to the accounting 3Ps principle in the workplace. This program will teach you the basics of the 3Ps, what workplace wealth looks like, and how to eliminate corruption, greed and inequality. You are only as wealthy as your last covert act, but do you know what that act is? There are many employees, and it is possible that some behave unethically. So how do you stop this? Take this program to find out.

Far more than the bottom line.

…. thriving or stagnant @ work?

Valuable asset capitalization.

Challenging yet rewarding.


Workplace Wealth is far more than just the bottom line. It is more than just filling the coffers of the already rich and wealthy. It is more than just quoting clichés and sprouting some new-fad business lingo that makes you sound ‘hip and with it’ if you say – I am a Workplace Wealth CreatorWhat it is about is acknowledging that wealth is the untapped resources (potential) currently lying dormant in your business. It is about polishing these rare gems, finding their true value and worth, and then capitalizing on the unique talents, skills and resources within each and every employee in the workplace. It is about treating the planet with care, and treating everyone you engage with, with dignity and respect.

The triple bottom line is a sustainability framework that measures a business’s success in three key areas: people, planet and profits – in that order. It is a business concept that posits businesses should commit to measuring their social and environmental impact, in addition to their financial performance, rather than solely focusing on generating profit, or the standard ‘bottom line.’

Are You ....

  • stuck and unappreciated in your job
  • utilizing all your employees skills and talents
  • unleashing dormant potential in your business
  • measuring your social and environmental impact
  • Workplace Wealth Creator
  • capitalizing on your rich cultural diversity
  • conducting bi-annual performance reviews and giving clear direction and focus to your employees
  • investing in your employees
  • giving back to your communities
  • reducing your environmental impact 

The Benefits

The benefits far outweigh the stagnation and decline in business morale and profit. Here are just some examples:

  • your employees will know exactly what is required of them, by when and to what standard
  • inclusivity of all the different cultural diversity will capitalize on maximizing a collaborative workforce
  • reassigning roles or tasks will ensure that you are best utilizing the skills and talents of all your workforce
  • conscious awareness and application of the triple bottom line will ensure sustainability of not just your staff, but of the environment and your bottom line

The Modules

  1. the triple bottom line
  2. rich in cultural diversity
  3. round pegs in square holes
  4. maximizing human potential
  5. a happy workforce is a productive workforce
  6. the inner workings reflect the outer wealth

All modules come with a video, a downloadable workbook guide, a downloadable audio and a weekly live Zoom call. To get the full benefit of this program, no more than one module should be done per week.

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