12 Steps to Loving You

Welcome to 12 Steps to Loving You – a program that is designed to take you on a journey within. It is results-driven and deeply personal, showing you that you no longer need to be unloving towards yourself. It is not possible to be joyous, happy, vibrant and abundant, if you are feeling unworthy. Unworthiness, fear, guilt and shame (all learnt behaviors) rob you of loving yourself and living a life of love and joy. It is important to note that your external world is mirroring back to you the state of your inner world. By taking these 12 Steps in a safe and supportive environment, you can learn to love yourself – no matter what, free and heal your mind and emotions and gift yourself the ultimate gift of love. It is completely possible.

Set aside time for you.

…. stuck in your story?

Find your inner calm & joy.

Actively engage.

This program will be available via JLB Wellness Academy, and you can register at the Academy anytime you wish. There are other online and FREE courses you can access today. Learn to love yourself at your own leisure.

Once you have registered for an online program you will be granted immediate access. It is advised you adhere to the timing stipulated, so that you can get the full benefit from this program. One module per week is recommended.

All programs have:

  1. one video per module
  2. downloadable audio files
  3. downloadable workbook per module
  4. videos & live Zoom calls

This program is priced to make it affordable for as many people as possible. There is also a payment plan that you can choose from. This in no way detracts from the value of this program. This is a gift you give yourself.


You are worthy. This Program will teach you how to love yourself – no matter what, and you will soon find ways in which you can change your life through practicing these 12 Simple Steps to Love, Joy and FreedomIt is designed to help you unravel all that stands between you and your experience of Love in your life, and it is about lifting the veil of illusion and false perception.

Lasting change comes from within and it begins with the realization that unless you change from the inside-out, you will continue to repeat old patterns and preconditioned programming. Break this cycle and stop living on autopilot; start living in joy and the lightness of  being.

There are as many different paths you can take, and there is no right or wrong way, so long as the only path is one of LOVE, and that your actions do no harm to yourself or another. Find the path that resonates with you. It really is all about linguistics, and your preferred lingo. Some people are not comfortable with religious terminology which is found in A Course in Miracles (hereinafter referred to as ACIM), one of the great spiritual curriculums in mind-training, but it is important that you look beyond this. It is not about the words; it is about the experience. I simply insert Love for God; this might help you too. This program will help you declutter your life, strip away all the walls you have put between yourself and others, and it will bring you to a place of awareness, where you can consistently reside in Love, joy, happiness, calm and peace. This is a program that helps you clear the slate (the playing field), get a brand new canvas, and start painting your life in a way that is perfect for you. It will also help you declutter your thoughts and emotional triggers. I am aware of the clichés in life, and every effort is made to be neutral in language. Life has the meaning we give it, and each of us has different experiences, comfort zones (including linguistics), and perceptions. This program is based on going beyond your perceptions and preconceived ideas, to finally reach a place of knowing and being. Onwards, upwards, inwards and beyond.

Are You ....

Are you currently feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • helpless
  • hopeless
  • lost
  • alone
  • fearful
  • anxious
  • depressed
  • worried
  • angry
  • embittered

If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of the above (and the list could have been expanded upon), then this program is perfect for you.

All thoughts and feelings that take you away from your true Self, your center core, your inner calm and peace, comes from within. This program will help you release those thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you.

The Benefits

  • you will love yourself – no matter what
  • you will declutter your internal world to clear out the old and make space for the new 
  • you will be centered, calm & in peace in every situation
  • you will live in a state of constant joy
  • you will live a fearless life centered in calm & truth
  • you will learn how to heal your mind & emotions
  • you will have a newfound perspective & lease on life
  • you will be free from all past worries, anxieties, depression, loneliness & any other form of self-sabotaging practices

The Modules

  • Step 1   – Willingness to Change
  • Step 2   – Life’s Meanderings & Parallels
  • Step 3   – Quiet your Mind & Emotions
  • Step 4   – Unravel the Mess & Let it Go
  • Step 5   – Your Blank Canvas
  • Step 6   – Know Who You Are
  • Step 7   – Healing & Wholeness 
  • Step 8   – Love Yourself No Matter What
  • Step 9   – Forgiveness & Truth
  • Step 10 – The War Against Yourself
  • Step 11 – The Undoing of Fear
  • Step 12 – Your New Beginning

Love – unseen, yet the most powerful and pure presence in the world. Love conquers ALL. Gift yourself the time to learn the lessons of Love.

Yourself – you are more powerful than you know. Center yourself in the core of who you are (your true Self) and love yourself – no matter what.

Always – if time and space is a stubbornly persistent illusion (Einstein), then what is real? Collapsing time – to infinity and beyond!


Love is a word that has been hammered through religion, spirituality and morality. So saying that this is not an easy topic to cover, is an understatement. Everyone’s interpretation of the word and experience of love is different. You can love your partner, animals, your car, your house, your job, chocolate etc. I think you get the picture. Love has been used so often that we have lost sight of its true meaning. Others say love is the highest energy field there is. But all they are doing is ascribing a word to something which could just as well have been another word, like compassion, gentleness, kindness etcetera. So how best can we explain the true nature of Love so that it can be universally experienced as one and the same?

Throughout the course of your life you have accumulated barnacles of the soul – i.e. the covering up of who you are at the very core of you, by building defenses, barriers and all forms of other protective mechanisms that you think will keep you safe. Eventually you will come to realize that these very barriers are what prevents you from experiencing so much love, joy and freedom in your life.


This program is going to give you a whole new perspective on how you view your-Self and life.

  • Are you your body, mind, thoughts and/or emotions?
  • Are you more than just what you see in the mirror?
  • How do you view yourself and the world around you?
  • How connected are you to your-Self?

Everyone has a story we tell about our lives up until now – the pastWe tell a story about what is happening right now – the present, and finally, we tell a story about how we want the future to be.

Have you ever seen a cat play with a ball of wool and make an absolute mess of it? They have so much fun doing it that you just let them carry on, with the intent of unraveling it all later. Sometimes you unravel it, only to have your cat play with it again. This is what we do with our lives. We create a tangled mess and then we untangle the mess, only to begin all over again with the cycle of chaos creation. This program is going to help you unravel all the chaos that you have created, simply by learning to know your true Self. Once you release your attachment to your past, your attachment to future outcomes, and your attachment to current events in your life, you will only then be truly able to design a blueprint for your life, unique to your wants and desires.


Always makes you think of forever, where there is no beginning and no ending. Albert Einstein once wrote – people like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time, in other words, he said, is an illusion.

If time and space is nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion, what is real? All things are connected, yet it seems as though we are all separate entities, living life as individual beings. And in a sense we are. But herein lies the paradox. Whilst we are all individuals, we are simultaneously connected to everyone and everything.

For a child, playing at the beach seems like forever, but when you get older, these once long-drawn out leisurely activities seem to go by in the blink of an eye. Why is this? Has your perception of time changed? Why does your brain compute life as a structured timeline? Will you explode if you were to see the truth that past, present and future all happen at the same time? Are you really here? The questions that Einstein has now left us, and scientists after him, are complex and confusing. Suspend your judgment for long enough to ask yourself …. what ifIf there is indeed no such thing as past, present and future (that stubbornly persistent illusion), then what is true? Does it mean that if you cultivate wellness in your life, this wellness will ripple outwards into all directions of time and space? I sure hope so.

This Program focuses on your Wellness in the three core areas of your life, namely: 

  • your mental wellness
  • your emotional wellness
  • your spiritual wellness

Once you have mastered Wellness in these three areas of your life, your past is undone. This does not mean that the events you experienced did not happen, it merely means that the effects they have on your life are no longer holding you prisoner. It also means that the future is no longer a cause for anxiety, worry and concern. You will begin to realize that your thoughts in this very moment are going out into your future, and creating your life as an extension of your love. Best of all, you will start living as a fully engaged and present person, enjoying and savoring each and every moment.

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