Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Wellness Programs

  1. Where do I get access to these Programs?
  2. When will I get access to these Programs?
  3. What material will I find in the Programs?
  4. How much do these Programs Cost?
  5. Who would benefit from taking these Programs?
  6. What are the benefits of these Programs?
  7. What is Workplace Wellness all about?
  8. What is Workplace Wealth all about?

All these Questions are Answered  below.

Q1: Where?

A: These programs will be available via the JLB Wellness Academy. You can register at the academy anytime you wish to do so, as there are other online and FREE courses you can access immediately.

Q2: When?

A: Once you have registered for the online program you will be granted immediate access. It is best to stick to the time stipulated, so that you can get the full benefit from the programs.

Q3: What?

A: All programs have:

  1. a video per module
  2. downloadable audio files
  3. downloadable workbook
  4. videos & live Zoom calls

Q4: How much?

A: All programs are priced to make it affordable for as many people as possible. There is also a payment plan offered. This in no way detracts from the exceptional value of this program.