12 Steps to Loving You™


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu

Have you ever taken a check-in with yourself as to just how much of your self-talk is negative, belittling, dehumanizing, degrading and a repeat voice of yesteryear telling you how you are no good? We all have those voices reminding us of when things did not work out in our lives. We then enter the cycle of perpetuating limiting self-beliefs that are nothing more than lies trying to keep us trapped in the past.

How great would your life be if you let go of all the baggage that you carry around with you? It is time to stop and consider, even if just for a moment, how amazing you are. You are a miracle, a person that means well and just wants to live, love, laugh, be happy and have a great life of friendships and health. And you can. The first step is to invest in your own wellness, healing, growth and change. Fear, like stress, is the #1 killer. You no longer need to be a part of this cycle. Let it go; all of it.

The 12 Steps to Loving You Program

There are so many steps that one could take to move in the direction of removing all the obstacles that stands between you and the life you want to live; that stands between you and love, and that stands between you and your own truth. The 12 Steps in this program are intuitively the steps that are required for moving from where you are to an awareness of your love, joy, happiness, wellness, success and peace. Each step has a natural progression to the next step. Each step is dealt with by going deep within, focusing inwards, and going past all your pre-conditioning, hard-set habits, sensations, feelings and thoughts. This Program is about shifting from a low energy state of non-self-love to a space of self-love, awareness, awakening and truth. Everyone can benefit from taking this Program. Enjoy, and much love.

The 12 Steps to are:

  1. energy – all that is
  2. who are you
  3. why are we here
  4. living your truth
  5. forgiveness
  6. right the wrongs
  7. love yourself no matter what
  8. love, forgive, release, let go
  9. the natural order of things
  10. living in flow
  11. align yourself with universal laws
  12. co-creation

The above 12 Steps flow effortlessly from one into the next. If you are feeling stuck, alone, helpless, and if you think this is not for you, then this is a thought to be corrected. The fighting against change is normal. The denying the truth that you are worthy of great things in this life is just a protection mechanism to keep you safe from imagined disappointments.

You are most definitely not what or who others say you are. You are not the opinions of others. You are not how your family and friends see you. You are none of those things because those opinions are seen through the perceptive filters of the observer, and their opinions are tainted by their own perceptive reasoning and past experiences.

You are uniquely you. Perhaps you have forgotten who you are or you might have some distant memory of who you remember yourself to be. This 12 Step to Loving You Program is a guide to help you come home – back to the awareness and appreciation of who you are. Truly joyful, creative, full of fun, intelligent and bright.