Love Yourself Program

Love Yourself No Matter What

At this point I think it is important that I explain why this program has been created.

I spent the bulk of my lifetime thinking I knew what Love was and yet I could not see that I was substituting Love with all forms of things that had nothing to do with Love at all. I am sure that many of you can relate to this.

After having dealt with a few thousand of leaders, managers and employees throughout my career as an HR Executive, leader and director, I saw that no-one is immune to this.

People at different levels within organizations battled to truly love themselves. They lived their lives in constant fear, on auto-pilot, feeling like a fraud/imposter, and they could not find a way out of this cycle that had become (what seemed to them) to be a part of ‘just who they are’.

But it didn’t stop there. I have had friends, family members and acquaintances also tell me that they battle to Love themselves.

I wanted to be a part of the solution to this problem, as I know that we are, at the very core of us, pure Love, and I want everyone to be able to connect with this Love that we are. So I went on a few decades of learning, and finally came upon a spiritual classic that somehow brought this all together. And it is based on this awakening within myself, that I am simplifying for you – who you are, why you are here, and what your purpose is.

But more than this, for the past 50+ years of my life, I have known that there is an Intelligence, Presence, Love connection that pervades all things, and that it is 100% possible, and our birthright, to connect with this Love in our lives. And this is my intention with this program.

My goals, intention and objectives for this program are to:

  1. clear the canvas of your life
  2. reassess your values and beliefs
  3. find your north star (inner guide/intuition)
  4. highlight the purpose of spiritual terminology to make this sit comfortably with anyone who takes this program
  5. teach you to welcome where you are at, and then work from there
  6. help you remain steadfast to your commitment to Love Yourself No Matter What
  7. help you identify with who you are
  8. help you know your motivational drivers
  9. teach you the truth behind Love and forgiveness
  10. help you exchange fear for Love
  11. give you the necessary resources that will sustain you throughout your lifetime
  12. help you map out a whole new blueprint for your new life worth living

Be willing to:

  1. love yourself no matter what
  2. let your past go and embrace the moment 
  3. trust that Love will create a light, bright and loving future
  4. look past your errors and the errors of others
  5. see things differently
  6. suspend judgment while doing the program
  7. be open to new possibilities of living in a better way
  8. forgive yourself
  9. forgive others
  10. commit time to your own healing, Love and growth
  11. cry it out – a release so real
  12. hug and embrace yourself and others