Morning Focus

Welcome to Morning Focus.

How wonderful it is to sit out in nature in the early hours of the morn and to hear the birds start to awaken, to see the sky turn lighter shades of blue, and to see the sunrise shine on all the beauty around us.

Morning Focus is about starting your day in peace, with calmness in your heart and love ever expanding outwards from your being. Join others and know that we are all connected – we are not alone. And know that the power to set your intentions for the day lies within you, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time. You are loved and you are love. 

Morning Focus 2023

How often do you take the time out to listen to what your Soul is saying to you? How much quality time do you spend on your own? Show yourself the love and kindness you deserve.

I love the time it takes to plan the creation of a garden. And the creation of your life is no different; it needs the same time, patience and foresight in planning. Create your life your way.

I have found it tremendously helpful to create a space within myself where I can go to regain my composure, and to let grievances go. You can too. This is my inner altar which is a holy space for me.

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Archived Morning Focus Recordings

All previous Morning Focus recordings can be found on my YouTube Channel.

Morning Focus videos are here to help you get centered at the start of each brand new week day, and to be able to create a practice that can bring you back to this place throughout the day when you feel your peace is being disrupted by external or internal forces. Gift yourself the gift of Love and embrace each new day as a brand new beginning. You are unique – there is only one like you – so live your best life, and enjoy each and every single moment of it.