No-one knows yourself better than you do. You know what makes you tick, what your triggers are, what you like and dislike, but too often, this becomes hazy as you allow the clouds of doubt, fear, anxiety, angst, depression and other fear-based debilitating emotions, to cloud out the truth of you.

I remember a scene in a movie with Julia Roberts, where she had forgotten what types of eggs she liked to eat, because she kept on morphing into the man that she was dating. How often do we do this ourselves?

Far too many people care what others think of them, and this is an awful prison to live in. Rather, be true to who you are rather than faking a different one because you think it will be attractive to others. People chase success, body beautification, money, material possessions, love through physical means, and every time you do this, you are losing a bit of yourself to a fake identity.

What would a world be like where you know exactly who (or what) you are, happy with where you are at, and knowing what and why you want the things you want? For me, it is freeing. Knowing my intentions, knowing who and what I am, and knowing where I am at in this world is so extremely liberating, fun and easy-going. It does not mean that I do not have difficult situations to deal with, but it does mean I can do it all with love, compassion, grace and joy. Isn’t it time you found out who you truly are, without hiding behind doctrine, rituals and false beliefs about yourself? This program will help you do just this.

Week 5 - Who and what are you?

Okay, yes-yes. I know! We are all homosapiens, and what a species we have turned out to be. But what about the energy that flows through all of us, and that is us? What is that all about, and what are we beyond the physical form? Be open to new possibilities.


Week 6 - Where are you at?

This is a great time to look at where you are at in your life. It is just like having your own life review. You will be guided through this as you soberly assess where you are at vs where you would like to be. Have fun with this, and don’t worry, this information is for your eyes only.


Week 7 - Why do you want what you want?

Wanting something is one thing, but knowing what motivates you to want these things is far more important. Emotional blocks can be caused by holding onto material possessions, where they are false substitutes for Love.


Week 8 - Reflections

What an eye-opening 3 weeks this has been! You got to identify with yourself in a whole new way, you now know what your prime motivators are, and you continue to assess if you are still on course or if you need to self-correct and adjust the sails.