No Matter What


The longer we live, the more we seem to have to be regretful about. I have asked myself what does regret do to serve me and there is no plausible answer I can give because regret does nothing but perpetuate a problem that is no more.

There are things that happen in our lives based on poor choices made that can send us tail-spinning into a spiral of depression. So No Matter What you have done, has been done to you, or what you wish you had done, No Matter What, you do need to let that all go and prepare for new beginnings, where regrets are no more.

The most crucial part to your healing is knowing where you spend most of your time. Do you spend it in the past, present or future? Are you scared of physically dying, and/or do you fear what the future has in store for you? Are you able to let all of this go and just sit comfortably with your life, as it is right now, and work on what you have right in front of you?

No Matter What you have been through, are going through or will go through, you are never ever alone. Never.

You are more resilient than you realize and when you feel like you have no more energy to get up, just say silently to the Love within you – please help me, and you will find the strength to carry on, right within you. This is the place to be, where you enter the exchange shop, and you swop out fear for Love. It is where you make a conscious decision – this far no further. I am no longer a slave to fear, but I am a joyful and peaceful warrior of Love.

Gift yourself this ultimate gift of Freedom. 

Learn to Love Yourself – No Matter What.

You are not alone.

I am here with you.

Always and ever.

I love you.

Week 9 - The sands of time

This is a week of discovery and intrigue. Are you living in the past, present or future? What is real and what is not, and how can you learn to extend your mind to see more than just what the physical eye sees? Let’s have some more fun!


Week 10 - Forgive & release

Who would have thought that shifting how you feel could be so difficult! How often have you found yourself stuck in the past and carrying an unbearable weight around with you all day? Now is the time to just stop, drop that crazy bag, and then start to walk lightly through this world. There is no value in continuing this cycle of madness.


Week 11 - Exchange fear for Love

Welcome to the Exchange Shop, where you get to visit and exchange all your fear for Love. You get to see fear for what it really is – nothing more than a stubbornly persistent illusion.


Week 12 - Reflections

Here we will not only go over the past 3 weeks of change in your life, but we will also have a summary of the program in its entirety. You will also get advice on how to sustain this change and to continue to always live a life full of love, joy and in the flow.