It is not possible to explain the inexplicable, but it is possible to teach you how to connect with the Love that you are. You can learn the characteristics and traits of Love and then you can start to extend this Love outwards to others.

According to Greek philosophy, there are the 7 different kinds of love, a sure attempt of reaching the enormity of what Love is and how it is expressed in the world. But for the sake of this program we are focusing on the Love that permeates all things. This Love is unseen, but is expressed through our thoughts, words and actions.

These are the 7 different kinds of love according to Greek philosophy:

  1. Eros – romantic, passionate love (of the body)
  2. Philia – affectionate, friendly love
  3. Storge – unconditional, familial love
  4. Agape – selfless, universal love
  5. Ludus – playful, flirtatious love
  6. Pragma – committed, long-lasting love
  7. Philautia – self love
Unfortunately, the word ‘love’ conjures up different images for different people based on their own experience of ‘love’ in their lives. To truly connect with the Love that permeates all things, you need to clear the playing fields, wash away the dirt and grime of the past, release your fear of the future, and learn to live in the present. Just as you are. It is such a wonderful experience to sit comfortably on your own, without any fears, expectations, anxieties or depression.
Just imagine, it has taken perhaps decades of learning and relating to love in one way, only to find that your thinking has been off the mark and based on conditional love, without you even realizing it. But this is okay. It is all okay. Now is the time to put the un- in conditional. Embrace true unconditional love, in all areas of your life, and step into the freedom of being you.

Week 1 - Clear the canvas

Welcome to the beginning of a whole new adventure of starting anew where you get to clear the canvas and paint something new. Use your imagination – there are no limits.


Week 2 - Find your due north

It is so easy to get lost in a storm and then find it very difficult to get your bearings again. With the right instruments you can find your due north and set sail for shores you once thought were lost. Your due north will help point you in the right direction.


Week 3 - Create new habits

OMG! How many times have you read that it takes 21 or 66 times to change a habit. The truth is, it takes as long as it takes, and only you will know what that is for you. This is where a lot of people give up, but let’s make it fun and easy for you to want to create new habits. It honestly does not need to be a chore, but rather, light and breezy.


Week 4 - Reflections

It is time to reflect on the new image you have created for your life, in which direction you are now headed, and how you are going to stay the course by creating new habits. Remember that no matter what you do, always stop to smell the cappuccino and roses, and have loads of fun!