Love Yourself Masterclass

Love Yourself Masterclass

From hatred, abandonment, loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness, overwhelm, anger, loss, grief, joylessness, wars, unrest, burdens, worry, anxiety, depression, alienation, sorrow, fear, guilt, shame, the blame-game, hurt, betrayal, disappointment, unforgiveness, judgment, criticism, arrogance and pride …

comes a remarkable story of love, hope, restoration, liberation, healing, joy and peace. Forgive yourself, and others, for whatever you think you, or others, have done to hurt you in any way. It is time to let go and truly heal.

Do you struggle to love yourself no matter what, and have you ever wondered what true love feels like? Are you caught up in the rat race of life, and more influenced by other people’s opinions of you than you are of your own knowing of yourself? If this sounds familiar, then you are at the right place. Regardless of where you think you or others have failed you, or if you think you are not good enough, then this masterclass will help you recognize the lies for what they are and teach you how to love yourself no matter what.

Love yourself enough to give and gift yourself the time and space to truly reflect on where you are at, where you want to be, and how best to bridge that gap. It is time to start anew.

Love is everyone’s birthright. It flows through, around and in all things, and through all directions of time and space. Love is inexplicable as our language has not yet found a way to describe the indescribable. But you can experience it. You can experience Love flow in and through you, but you need to be the one to step up to the plate to embrace it. Love has no beginning and no end. Love has always been, therefore, Love is Eternal. Love is truly the Greatest Gift of All.

  1. week 1 – clear the canvas
  2. week 2 – find your due north
  3. week 3 – create new habits
  4. week 4 – reflections

This is not pie in the sky stuff. The one constant in your life is always YOU! You are with you wherever you go, so why not get to know who you are intimately, lovingly and kindly?

Defining who you are is a trick in and of itself. If someone asks you, so – who are you? – it is common to hear answers such as: I am a manager, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, doctor …. But this is what you do, or your position in society, your community and family. It does not define you. This module is enlightening and liberating. Have fun with it and be open to new ways of seeing yourself. Self-exploration is a great way to learn to love yourself completely.

  1. week 5 – what are you?
  2. week 6 – where are you at?
  3. week 7 – what do you want?
  4. week 8 – reflections

Sad to ask, but who hasn’t chastised themselves for something they did or didn’t do? We are our own worst critic, and we need to let all that sh*t go. It is time to love ourselves no matter what.

How often have you failed at something and berated yourself without even realizing it. You make comments such as – oh you idiot! There you go again! This only adds to the already growing mound of self-hatred that you have learnt to hide. Here you get to experience what it means to have the dam walls break. Everything that you have kept under such tight control suddenly loosens its grip on you, and you are finally able to step into Loving Yourself No Matter What.

  1. week 9 – the sands of time
  2. week 10 – forgiveness & release
  3. week 11 – exchange fear for love
  4. week 12 – reflections

The following is included in this Program:

  1. Immediate access to the Online Program
  2. Video recordings for each weeks topic
  3. Audio recordings for each weeks topic
  4. Downloadable pdf files
  5. Weekly Zoom live calls – they will be recorded, so if you cannot make the live call it will be available in the membership area to watch on replay for a limited time.

Once you are a member of the Love Yourself No Matter What online program, you will be a life member, and the content will always be available for you to watch. If for any reason this might change, the videos, audios and any other content (excluding the Zoom live call recordings), will become downloadable so that you can store on your own device. You will be notified should this become necessary.

Infinity is endless but can have a beginning, and it can be applied to space, numbers, and time.

Eternity pertains to time itself. The very definition of eternity states that it has no beginning or end.

Buzz Lightyear once said – to infinity and beyond! So really, you can take off from this very point and head out into infinity and never ever return to your old ways. You’ve got this!