Lessons 151 – 170

All things are echoes of the Voice of God.

The power of decision is my own.

In my defenselessness my safety lies.

I am among the ministers of God.

I will step back and let Him lead the way.

I walk with God in perfect holiness.

Into His presence would I enter now.

Today I learn to give as I receive.

I give the miracles I have received.

I am at home. Fear is the stranger is here.

Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.

I am as God created me.

There is no death. The Son of God if free.

Now we are one with Him Who is our Source.

Let not my mind deny the thought of God.

I am entrusted with the gifts of God.

There is one life, and that I share with God.

Your grace is given me. I claim it now.

By grace I live. By grace I am released.

There is no cruelty in God and none in me.

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