It really is much easier than you think to learn to enjoy and thrive in change. Simply drop the chains that you carry around with you everyday that weighs you down. Stop living on autopilot. Here you will find something that will help you move one step closer towards Loving Yourself No Matter What. You do not have to go this alone!

  • identify the walls and obstacles you have built to keep love out
  • welcome everything as it is
  • release the past
  • let go of fear of the unknown and fear of the future
  • learn to live in the present moment – here and now
  • examine your outer world vs your inner world
  • change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change
  • know your true nature
  • practice self-love, self-compassion and self-kindness daily
  • love yourself no matter what

A Course in Miracles Self-Study Courses

As someone who loves A Course in Miracles and the practical lessons that we can apply to our lives to help us remove all the obstacles that stands between us and love, I find that a great way to deepen one’s learnings is to teach what you learn. These courses are here to help you have a peek into what A Course in Miracles is all about, and if it resonates with you, you can take your studying into ACIM even further. 

Professional Self-Study Courses

For three decades I worked in the Human Resources field. My career in HR was built from ground-level up, from an HR Officer right by to an HR Manager, Snr HR Manager and Business Admin & HR Director. I have learnt so much through my corporate journey that I decided to consolidate my learnings into three very valuable courses. These courses highlight that wellness of any business is based entirely on the relationships it builds and fosters in the workplace. It is about transparency, honesty, integrity, equality and fairness. If you cannot root out corruption, mismanagement and ill-treatment off employees by the employer, or employees to the employer (through dishonesty, poor work performance etc.), then the business will fail to grow and thrive as it could do in a workplace that promotes wellness from within.

Live Classes

Live classes are held on Zoom or on our interactive online school platform, and all reminders go out via email.

Be sure to sign up so that you don’t miss out on any live classes. There are class rules, which will be included in all event notifications, so please remember to read them. They are there to ensure your privacy and to ensure a safe place for everyone to be able to open up freely and without fear.

This is a community where everyone must be treated with dignity and respect, and where people feel comfortable to share what it is they are working through, without fear of judgment or criticism of any kind.

Change can happen in an instant, in the moment you make a decision to see things differently.

All it takes is a little willingness to make the change you wish to be and see. The very first thing that we examine really closely, is your mind and emotions, through examination, welcoming and healing.

Your mind determines how you think, feel and see, and it is through decades of my own personal and shared experiences, that I am able to help you to be the change you wish to see in the world.