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Your Introductory Session, Private Coaching and FREE Group Coaching can be scheduled on the calendars below.

  1. FREE 15 minute Introductory Sessions
  2. FREE Group Coaching Sessions
  3. Private Coaching Sessions

You are able to book one FREE 15 minute introductory session. Private Coaching Sessions are booked on an as needed basis, and will be discussed with the Wellness Coach in the introductory session.

Group Sessions are limited to 30 seats per session, with a minimum of 5 attendees. There is a strict code of conduct to be adhered to. Failure to comply with this code will result in the person/s being removed from the Group Coaching Sessions.



Normal Rate: $97 / hr

Hourly Rate: $55/hr


Normal Rate: $388 (20% discount)

Bundle Rate: $220


Normal Rate: $776 (20% discount)

Bundle Rate: $440


Normal Rate: $1164 (20% discount)

Bundle Rate: $660

These rates are great value, and are reduced during this period of global economic instability.

This is a 20% discount, and is a savings of $55, which is equivalent to 1 x FREE session. 

This is a 20% discount, and is a savings of $110, which is equivalent to 2 x FREE sessions.

This is a 20% discount, and is a savings of $165, which is equivalent to 3 x FREE sessions.

Only one FREE 15 minute introductory session is available per person. This is the perfect time to ask any questions you might have, and because time is limited, it is best to come prepared with questions, and a cup of coffee. It also gives you the opportunity to see if this is the coaching fit you are looking for.

This is a pilot scheme and so the number of seats might change after a few sessions. All attendees must read and understand the code of conduct required of them during these sessions. These sessions are fun and engaging, and a group session can be just what you need right now.

Private Coaching Sessions commence upon receipt of payment. Payment plans are available for the Coaching Bundle Packages, and there is a 20% discount for all the Coaching Bundle Packages.

Coaching Milestones

There are different milestones based on the coaching session and/or bundle coaching package you select to do. JLB Wellness Coaching Sessions are based on our Programs:

  1. 12 Steps to Loving You™
  2. Wellness from Within™
  3. Success from Within™

There are different milestones for each session based on the Program you elect to have Coaching in. You will receive each Milestone when you schedule each session in your bundle package. Whilst Milestones are set, they are not cast in stone. Some personal issues might take longer to achieve than others, so a certain level of flexibility will be maintained.

When you book your bundle Coaching Sessions, you will be redirected to book each Session individually, up front. Within each email confirmation you will receive that session’s milestone/s.

You can find out more about milestones in your FREE 15 minute Introductory Session. 

The meaning of life is the meaning you give it, so choose wisely. Allow yourself the freedom and space to reprogram your thinking about certain things, those things that no longer serve you. You are homeward bound, hurtling through time and space – and some people are shouting at the top of their lungs – somebody stop this planet, I want to get off.

What about if instead of having a desire to get off the planet, you turn this right on its head and start to live a life joyfully. Full of love, acceptance, abundance, happiness, strength, energy, compassion and so much more. It is possible – and that is where JLB Wellness Coaching and Programs come in. They are designed in such a way so as to help you change introspectively. First, change begins with yourself from within. Then you learn to master your mind and your emotions, and then you learn to live a life of success, as defined by yourself.