Coaching is a symbiotic relationship between coach and client, and will help you find the triggers that hold you back from moving forward, trust your own intuition, and remove the walls you have built in your life.

This is a great way to start moving forward in your life, no longer remaining stuck in the muck and mire of the past, present or future.

The best way to dive deep into your life and go beyond the chaos is to find a personal coach who will guide you and ask you the questions that will help you find release and healing within. Our coaching focuses on the healing of the mind and emotions and helps you question your reality, and the way you see the world and yourself in the world. 

It is time to let go of the past, embrace your future, and enjoy each moment.

A change in the perception of interpersonal relationships helps open and heal the mind. This can be done informally without formal structure, however, sometimes a more structured, extended relationship with a personal coach is needed to help you with the healing of your mind and emotions, and the way the world is perceived through your eyes. We focus on the healing of the mind through identifying what is real and what is not real, just being aware of what arises within you and learning to welcome things as they are. This is when true healing begins.

Love Yourself No Matter What

Recently I was having a friendly conversation with a neighbor. I started speaking to him about something that had happened to me when I was in my teenage years and into my early twenties. I had not shared this with anyone in I don’t know how many years, but there was something liberating about sharing this with someone who had a kind of connection to the situation. He said something to me – a simply worded one sentence – and I immediately felt my eyes get warm with tears, and a sudden overwhelming feeling that I truly needed to sob this out. But, as things went, I had an appointment with a client, so I composed myself, did not let on how I was feeling, and we parted with him saying that he would love to continue the conversation sometime. I realized there and then that all I needed was someone that understood what I was saying, and he did.

This is exactly what I was looking for in a coach. Someone that hears and completely understands what lies beyond the spoken word. A coach might not have experienced what you are going through, but the perfect coach for you is someone who gets you, who understands the cause of your pain and suffering, who is willing to be there for you, and who is just holding the space of healing and love for you in their hearts and mind. Someone who is willing to join with you in your healing journey, and who helps you remove all the obstacles you have built against love.

Private Sessions

Private sessions allow you to focus on issues that you are battling with in your life. This is a safe place where you can let down your guard and be yourself with someone who has your best interest at heart. It allows you to build trust in the coaching relationship and, because it is online, it can be done at a convenient time and in the comfort of your own home.

A coach is there to hold you accountable for your progress, and you will be guided through the process with clear actionable steps set at the beginning of the sessions.