JLB Wellness Coaching focuses on our Wellness Programs: 

  1. 12 Steps to Loving You™
  2. Wellness from Within™
  3. Success from Within™

Our coaching sessions are personalized and structured in approach, each session with its own preset milestones. This allows us to achieve specific outcomes without allowing any form of distraction or self-sabotage to get in the way of change. You will get a framework for each session, which are interactive, engaging and participative.

You can have a FREE 15 minute introductory session to find out more, and thereafter, all sessions are 1 hour each.

This Coaching Program is for anyone who is battling to break free from the past, and who is struggling with the idea of loving oneself.

It is non-prescriptive, as it leads you to the mirror of who you are, but it does not tell you what to see.

You are able to be honest and open about all your fears, doubts, hurts, grievances, and more …. but once you have done that, you need to put your story in the told-and-finished box. Done and dusted.

These coaching sessions provide a safe and private space for you to come and just be yourself, without any need to prove yourself to anyone, not even to you. You can choose how many sessions you want, and the Wellness Coach will gently guide you in the process of loving yourself – no matter what.

Should the Wellness Coach believe it necessary that you also receive medical intervention, then this will be conveyed to yourself. In no ways do these coaching sessions detract from any medical intervention that you are currently attending.

We live in an age of consumerism, wanting more, bigger, brighter and better. We are at war with one another, trampling over others to get what we want, and all this does is create discord between ourselves and the rest of the world. We have unhealthy beliefs, boundaries and behaviors. Some turn to addictions, while others give up completely.

Where is the help for all those who need mental and emotional stability and wellbeing? For those who want to heal, grow and change from within, so that they can experience true wellbeing in all areas of their lives.

No-one said it will be easy, but just that it is possible. This program helps and guides you to focus on those areas within you that need introspection, reflection, releasing, cleansing and rejuvenation. A total wellness detox – on super-charge.

Letting yourself go, especially in times like these, is very easy, but getting yourself back on track takes far more effort, diligence and commitment. This program gives you the support you need to lay claim to your wellness within.

It is said that success comes at a price, but what price? A price to your health, finances, to your relationships, what? Success can be gainfully attained without it having a negative impact on your life. In fact, this program shows you just how to achieve the success you are looking for that adds value to your life and the lives of those within your circle of influence.

This coaching program holds you accountable for the results in your life. It does not become something you think is a great idea and then file away in the drawer of never-to-be-thought-of-again.

The Wellness Coach will ask you the right questions to help you identify the obstacles standing between where you are and where you want to be.

If you are a self-saboteur, then this is the perfect time to book some coaching sessions to help you identify why you sabotage your own success, and how to stop repeating this behavior.

If you want to go far, go alone; if you want to go further and deeper, take a Wellness Coach with you.

To make your and our lives simpler, we have automated the booking system for our FREE Introductory and FREE Group Coaching Sessions. Just click the link below.

You will find the pricing of our individual coaching sessions and the coaching bundle packages below. Click on Read More to find out more about the different coaching sessions we offer.

With the current global economic uncertainty we decided to reduce our rates. This allows our coaching to be cost-effective to those requiring our services. Coaching is also needed more now than every before.


There are different milestones based on the coaching session and/or bundle coaching package you select to do. JLB Wellness Coaching Sessions are based on our Programs:

  1. 12 Steps to Loving You™
  2. Wellness from Within™
  3. Success from Within™

There are different milestones for each session based on the Program you elect to have Coaching in. You will receive each Milestone when you schedule each session in your bundle package. Whilst Milestones are set, they are not cast in stone. Some personal issues might take longer to achieve than others, so a certain level of flexibility will be maintained.

When you book your bundle Coaching Sessions, you will be redirected to book each Session individually, up front. Within each email confirmation you will receive that session’s milestone/s.

You can find out more about milestones in your FREE 15 minute Introductory Session. 

The meaning of life is the meaning you give it. Allow yourself the freedom and space to reprogram outdated programming, those things that no longer serve you. You are homeward bound, hurtling through time and space – and some people are shouting at the top of their lungs – somebody stop this planet, I want to get off.

What about if instead of having an intense desire to get off the planet, you turn this right on its head and start to live a life joyfully. Full of love, acceptance, abundance, happiness, strength, energy, compassion and so much more. It is possible.