Love Within

Love Within

For years I battled with depression and I did not know how to deal with it other than through conventional modern western medical intervention. Of course this helped, but the medication left me feeling numb and the root cause of what was causing the depression was never dealt with.

It has taken me years of relentless searching to find the one real cause for this, and it all begins with looking within. It is not about changing or blaming external circumstances, but it IS about changing the way you see yourself, the world and the meaning of time, space and Love in your life.

Love Within is all about having a causal effect on your external world by changing your inner world. If you are unhappy with the way your life is, change the way you see and live life.

Fear is nothing more than a shadow cast on the wall when you live in darkness. Fear is the father of all lies. When the light shines in, shadows are illuminated and made to look a thousand-fold bigger than what they actually are. Fear robs you of your joy, steals your Love and peace, and is the killer of all your dreams. But more importantly – fear is not real! A mind-blowing statement I know, but when you start this journey with me, you will find this out for yourself. 

The opposite of fear is Love, so it goes without saying that learning to love yourself is one of the most important lessons to learn. From hereon out, everything will start shifting into place. Stop belittling and chastising yourself for past failures; errors are made, and the beauty is that they can be corrected through correcting the error. Love yourself enough to gift yourself the gift of LoveLove is the gift that keeps on giving.

You will be amazed at what I found to be true.

It is in my acknowledgement that all things are possible that it allowed me to open up to new possibilities of what ifs.

  1. What if my life could be different?
  2. What if I could be happy again?
  3. What if I could laugh at the absurdity of fear, when I know the truth that is me?
  4. What if? ….

Love Within was born from my desire and passion to teach people how to Love Themselves No Matter What. It is about helping you face your own inner darkness and to help you know the incredible lightness of being. This is not a religion. It is not another spiritual teaching, but it is a spiritual path of awareness to knowing your true nature and learning to connect to the ultimate Source of Love that pervades all things.

If, at first, it sounds like pie in the sky, please, don’t knock it until you try it. What have you got to lose? If, like me, you are exhausted, literally, from listening to self-proclaimed gurus and countless other teachers who supposedly have all the answers to everything, then this is the right place for you to be. I am not going to teach you anything that you do not already know. You will awaken to your own wisdom within.

And you will honestly be able to say – Love is indeed who I Am.


I love you.

At the very core of you, you are already whole. But instead of knowing this truth for yourself, you bury yourself in busyness, in acquiring more, elevating your status, and playing the blame-game. This continues the avoidance cycle of looking at yourself, and this stops you from changing your outer world. Love Within deals with removing all that hides from you who you are. It is about sitting comfortably with yourself so that you can unravel the internal chaos and find Love, peace, joy and freedom. Start by living from a place of love, excitement and joy, instead of fear, shame, guilt and chaos. You are not going through this alone. We are all connected, and you will get to experience this for yourself.

Many businesses are dysfunctional and not in touch with the wellbeing of their employees, many of whom are burnt out, operating from a base of fear, exhaustion and living in survival mode. There is disharmony, backstabbing, ego-driven decisions, and a lack of skillful, honest and respectful leaders. Inclusive leaders lead with integrity, fairness, dignity and respect. They ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be heard, to be taken seriously, and they give appreciation where it is deserved. Seeing your employees as more than just an expense on the bottom-line, an asset in your register, but rather seeing them as people with dreams, hopes and aspirations, you will best be able to serve and lead them, and the business, successfully. Lead from a base of Love, not fear.

Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your own heart and intuition. - Steve Jobs