Hi, I’m Jenny

I am but a drop in the ocean, as are you. We are all the ocean. Where does one drop start and the other drop end? We dance effortlessly, gracefully together. We float on the surface and get tossed back down to the depths. We are the drop and we are the ocean. I am me, and you are you. Together we are one. Each drop in the ocean does not fight to be better than another drop. They follow the natural rhythms of life. So should you and I; together, as One.
Jenny Breakey
Love is the only Answer

For decades, I focused on healing from within. It made sense to me that we project our inner world onto our outer world, and then our outer world reflects back to us our own internal conditioning. It was from this vantage point that I began to research as much as I could about the human condition, our true nature, why we are here, and how we can shift and shape our own lives by design.

I have felt for many years, a powerful pull towards emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, having had my own sufferings in these areas of my life. I am very hands-on and practical in my coaching practice, through experiential learning more than just through pure academia. That is where change truly takes place.

Personal note with love from me to you ....

After decades of being a Senior Executive, a Business Admin and HR Director, I found myself in a quandary. I was not getting younger, I had reached my Corporate ceiling, and I no longer felt I was contributing to the world in the way that I knew I could. I left the Corporate environment mid-2016, and for about a year I had my own HR Consultancy. That did not work out, and I continued to feel that I was not where I needed to be. Then my life come crashing down around me. I closed my business, was adamant that I did not want to go back to Corporate, and I began a journey of introspection to find out exactly what it is I wanted to do. In this time, I published my first book, 12 Steps to Loving You, a starting point for those who want to learn how to navigate the storms of life. In 2017, I came into contact with a spiritual classic called A Course in Miracles, and a brilliant teacher – Lisa Natoli, and noticed peace and perfect wisdom within its pages that could immediately be applied to my life. There and then, I made a commitment to learn as much as I could about it. This path is not for everyone, but it is currently a great fit for me. I initially battled with the terminology used, because although it is not a Christian course, it has some strong Christian language, and this rubbed me up the wrong way. I continued regardless. And I am grateful that I did. I realized that words have to be used as our main medium of communication. So, I inter-relate God with Love, and this makes me feel more comfortable and less resistant. This was just a mind block that I needed to overcome, and it did get easier over time.

I am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Reiki Master, got my honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics and became a Reverend of the Universal Life Church (USA), and I am currently studying Building Personal Resilience™ through the HeartMath Institute. However, titles, certifications, qualifications and all forms of academic proof is nothing more than a display of what things interested me enough for me to study these fields further.

I am aware of a presence of pureness, love, divine intelligence, a consciousness that far supersedes my own, in my life, and that not only pervades my own life, but everything. I am aware that I Am the Awareness that is observing all things. There is a connection of Oneship that I cannot begin to fathom. It just is what it is. It is a goal while here on earth, for me to live in Oneness with this limitless, genderless, changeless intelligence and our Source, all the day’s of my life, and to take this love and extend it outwards to the world, in whatever way it wishes to be extended. If you for a second just stopped putting labels on everything, then this is not religion, it is not spirituality, it just Is.

As a coach I help you observe the core of where all your problems exist – in your mind. This helps you work on changing your perceptive of what is really going on in your life and helps heal your mind and emotions and bring back connective balance in your life.

There have been times in my life when I felt overwhelmed in many ways, and it felt like I would never be able to climb out of the abyss I had dug for myself. But I did manage to shift from the abyss and back into the sunshine of day. There comes a time in your life when you need to stop retelling your story on rinse and repeat, so that you can move past your old pre-conditioned way of living and thinking.

Many people live in the past or the future, but far too few live in the here and now. Stop sleepwalking through life on autopilot. The past no longer exists and the future has yet to materialize.

It takes time, practice, dedication, devotion, a commitment to love yourself no matter what, and a great sense of humor to get over yourself and sit comfortably with the only constant there is – the present moment.

There are 3 things I absolutely love:

  1. cappuccino with whipped cream
  2. pesto pasta with pine nuts
  3. sushi (oh yeah, sushi!)

There is something so soothing when I take that first sip of a fresh cappuccino and a smidgen of whipped cream is left behind on my lip. It takes me to that quiet, tranquil, happy space within, and there is only one thing better than a cappuccino, and that is sharing that moment with a friend.

For almost 6 years of my life (3 – 9 years old), I was raised by nuns (this must have played havoc with my formulative years), and it was here that I became aware of life beyond our world. Although I was too young to compute what was going on, or how to make any sense of it all, I do believe that this is where my love and curiosity for what lies beyond the physical world, began. I began my journey in the Catholic faith and then moved onto other western and eastern religions and spiritual paths, only to come back to finding the truth was right within me all the timeI am not religious, but if you have to insist on putting a label on me, then spiritual will have to do. I am me, but this Me is far more than what you see.

The greatest gift I have been given in this life, is the gift of knowing that it matters not what road I travel; all paths lead me homeward bound – and there is no escaping this. None of us get out of this life alive. I always ask myself which path resonates with me and which is more meaningful for me to walk? I have a love for truth, not in the religious sense of the word, but in terms of the truth that lies at the very core of all existence. This love is pivotal in all I say, think and do. Alexander Pope said – to err is human, to forgive divine. I am therefore completely willing to accept that in this world, I, the human known as Jenny, makes mistakes, but the truth of who I Am, is changeless, genderless, formless, ageless, perfect, love and eternal.

The truth is that at the very core of my soul, the very essence of me, is Love in its purest form. The only difference is that this Love that I came into this world with, is covered up by my egoic nature, to hide me from the truth of who I am. And the egoic nature is very sneaky in the layers upon layers that it builds upon and over this Love, obscuring it from sight.

I call this barnacles of the soul. It is the prying of the barnacles that brings me immense joy and happiness. To forgive means not just to forgive others, but to forgive myself too, and more importantly, you do not forgive others for you (like so many countless people profess), you forgive others because you want to set them free from your condemnation, judgment, criticism, anger and hate.

I have received much wisdom from many teachings throughout the years. Some of these are the teachings of Jesus, the Tao Te Ching, A Course in Miracles and other great teachings from remarkable teachers. I am now immersing myself completely into the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and non-duality. Non-duality (or non-dualism) is a way of living life, whereby, in each moment, you feel your interconnectedness with everyone and everything around you. It’s not just a philosophy or an experience, but a way of being in the world. Non-duality is a term from Sanskrit that means ‘not two’.

It is my heartfelt intent that my life’s journey, lessons and experiences can help you find the inner peace, love, happiness and joy that you have been searching for. Look no further than yourself. It is there. Within you. You just need to clear away the barnacles, debris and walls that you have built to obscure the truth of who you are.

Step outside the walls of your self-made illusive safety, avoid the pitfalls of projecting your images onto others and the world, and learn to extend love to all you see and meet.

It is worth it – love cannot be taught, it can only be lived, loved, and experienced.

I love to laugh and have fun

I love and cherish my daughter

My best daughter and son-in-law ever

If you have a dream, pursue it. If you have a vision, get crystal clear on what it is you want and manifest it. If you have a passion you want to live, embrace it. Do not shrink back. Be you in everything you think, say and do.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, I lived for a few years in London, and did a short stint in Switzerland. I have one daughter who was born in the UK, and she is now married and lives in the USA as a US citizen. I have many credentials, qualifications and experiences, and I spent my career in Human Resources. I qualified in HR Management and certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Energy Re-Sourcing and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner™, as well as becoming a Reiki Master. I got my honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics, became a Reverend at the Universal Life Church, and I was a former HR Executive and Director. My portfolio extends far and wide. I have experience in Labor Law, Chairing Disciplinary Meetings, Training & Development, Strategic and Executive Management and Budgeting, Environmental Health and Safety, Occupational Health, the Employment Relationship, Security, Achieving Competitive Excellence, Coaching and Mentoring. But now my love is to teach as many people as possible to Love Yourself No Matter What.

One of the greatest achievements in my life is single-handedly raising my daughter, but I do acknowledge the great support system I had back home in South Africa. When she was 3-months old, I made the decision to leave the UK and come back to South Africa to raise my daughter on my own. She was an easy child to raise and we have a very special bond. Parenting, much like any role that involves unconditional love, wisdom, foresight and a certain amount of winging it, came easy to me. It was never about molding my child into something I wanted her to be, but it was about giving her the space to find out who she is in this world. I was paid a beautiful compliment by her. She told me that she will raise her kids one day the way I raised her – I just hope she will tweak a few things along the way ;). What a wonderful thing to hear. All we can ever hope for as a parent is that our children are healthy, given a great chance in life, and that the road they choose is paved with abundance, love, success, happiness, peace, joy and not too much turbulence.

The best gift you can give someone is the gift of giving them the space to be themselves and to let them live their own lives. They are not you and you are not them. It is this acceptance that allows us all to live true to ourselves without fear and trepidation. Give your kids their own space and let them know every day just how much you love them. Life is fleeting. Enjoy and savor each and every moment.

Give more than you receive. Always. There is an infinite number of possibilities that exist in the quantum field. Within you lies your dormant potential. Instead of building sand castles in the sky, why not create a life of meaning, one you have always wanted but have not known how to access?

Vision boards are created, businesses create vision and mission statements, core values are set, and all of this is done with great intentions, but they are soon forgotten in the everyday humdrum of life and busyness. How do you know what you want? Does it include not harming another? Does it include the betterment for all? Does it include finding your own truth within?

What helps me stay grounded is when I align myself with my own core values:

  • Compassion – a tangible expression of love for those who are suffering
  • Honesty – the quality of being honest
  • Respect – due regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of others
  • Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Simplicity – the ability to uncomplicate the seemingly complicated
  • Transparency & Trust – the condition of being transparent and trustworthy

If we are to have a positive impact on humanity, we must all operate from a base of love, integrity, dignity and respect towards each other. We must know who we are and never forget that we are all in this together, as One, travelling through space and time on a planet hurtling itself around the Sun. There is no need to make someone else’s journey more difficult than it already is. Rather, extend love wherever and whenever you can, and be the best you that you already are.

Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world. - Miyamoto Musashi