About JLB Services

JLB Wellness Program

Our 12-Weeks to Loving You Program deals with issues at the level of your very essence – the core of you – where you get to look at your fears and blocked spiritual, mental and emotional issues. You will learn to identify who you truly are in this world of form.

Tap into your own Self and see that you have the power to deal with your fear, guilt, hurts, grievances, past failures, and move forward in a life of freedom and joy. Our 12-Weeks to Loving You Program helps you step out of your comfort zone. You will learn to master the art of loving yourself and find spiritual, mental and emotional stability and wellbeing, so that you can live a life full of love, joy, peace, abundance and freedom.

JLB Wellness Online Portal

Change can happen in an instant; in that moment you make a decision to see things differently. This is what JLB Wellness Academy™ is all about – mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, healing, growth, change and success.

JLB Wellness Academy™ focuses on Private Coaching, and Online Programs and Courses, all to help our clients receive the best resources to help them live the life they want to live, a grounded plan for their future, and to help them pave the best way forward for them to achieve their life’s goals and aspirations.

We also offer FREE online courses and FREE group coaching sessions.

JLB Wellness Coaching

JLB Wellness Coaching and Consulting focuses on our clients’ mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Whatever your mental, emotional and spiritual needs are, we endeavor to find the most empowering, affordable and effective coaching program for you.

It does not detract from any medical professional intervention, but it is an additional resource for anyone who wants to embed wellness into their daily living.

JLB Wellness Coaching and Consulting brings our clients’ to a place where they are able to check in on their emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and recalibrate where needed. A Coach can help you find clarity, focus, discipline, motivation and inspiration.