JLB Wellness offers powerful life-changing Programs, Coaching and Courses that helps clients change their lives through investing in their own mental and emotional wellbeing.

JLB Wellness is built on a foundation of trust, love, compassion and sincerity, and is committed to bettering the world through helping people overcome their fears, hurts, past failures, and helping them turn these into the stepping stones of their new life of love, joy, happiness, success, abundance and peace.

It is the intention for JLB Wellness to be globally accessible to all who need its services, and to eventually have a head office with a space to have classes, in-person coaching sessions and group sessions. Anything is possible.

Wellness is about living a grounded and well-rounded life. It is about mental and emotional stability and wellbeing. It is about having a healthy dose of self-awareness, and is an actively pursued goal.

Wellness is more than just about having a healthy body. It is about a holistic approach to life and wellness. It is about having a healthy body, mind and emotional wellbeing. It is about enjoying your life, enjoying your relationships and finding peace in chaos.

Wellness is for anyone who truly wants to be free of fear, guilt, shame, hopelessness and debilitating thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is possible to change. It is possible to forgive yourself and others. Allow yourself the space to change. Give yourself permission to be happy again.

Jennifer L. Breakey is passionate about living a mentally and emotionally balanced life. She has cried the tears, shed the skin, left the cocoon, and is now living her life her way. Lovingly and compassionately.

Jennifer is a certified NLP Practitioner, received her honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics, is a Reiki Master, an exponential Coach, an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, and an Energy Re-Sourcing Practitioner. She has always focused on the wellbeing of the internal state of mind and emotions. She was once a Director, an HR Executive, and spent most of her corporate career in the Human Resources arena. She has seen how people self-sabotage their own success, and is now committed to helping as many people as she can, to truly love themselves and let themselves enjoy their lives to the fullest.