Hi there, my name is Jenny B. and I just want to share with you the one thing I am totally passionate about, and why.

For many years now, I have been on a path of seeking for answers to what appeared to be insurmountable truths, yet I could not fully embrace, grasp, accept or experience these truths. I cried many tears, screamed at the moon, shed my skin many times to allow for expansive metaphysical growth, and what I have found, without a shadow of a doubt – zip, nada, zero doubt – is that you absolutely cannot go on this journey on your own. There is always another beacon of light who helps you light your way to your own truth within yourself.

I finally found what I was looking for, and this truth was within me all the time.

JLB Wellness offers love and life-changing Programs, Coaching and Online Courses that helps you change your life through investing in your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It is about helping you overcome your fears, hurts, past failures, disappointments and so much more. JLB Wellness helps you move from fear to love, and it brings you to a place of total peace, calm, happiness and joyful living. You become aware of who you really are.

It is globally accessible to all who need its services, and it provides a community of likeminded individuals who believe in a better world. A world of love and not fear. A world where freedom for all is not a pipe dream, but a reality in the making. JLB Wellness is a part of the solution. Are you?

JLB Wellness is not about offering products and services just to make a profit. It is about real life changes. It is about working with people who desire to see change in their lives, and who want to be a part of the bigger solution – a part of global wholeness. Mount Everest seems insurmountable until someone reaches its peak. Then you realize that there really is nothing that you cannot accomplish.

JLB Services offers a wellness program that helps you successfully navigate all areas in your life. It provides an online academy (your portal to happiness) that provides you with more tools and resources to move you from fear to love, and you are also able to book one-on-one coaching sessions to help you remove all your blocks to love’s pure awareness. You are uniquely you. Your light was made to shine bright for all to see. It is time to come out of hiding.