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JLB Wellness will take you on an exploratory journey to see that all change really does take place within. To have a truly remarkable life, one filled with love, joy, peace, happiness, success, fulfillment and absolute pure bliss, you need to find all those things that stand between you and this possibility. Once you have identified what these blocks are, you will be able to remove them and allow the Flow of Life to flow right through and around you.

You can only run and hide from yourself for so long. If you desire it strongly enough, you will find what brings you immense joy, and follow that. This is at least how my story has unfolded. It has been a harrowing journey at times, but it was not until I looked at fear face-to-face, that I realized that I have a choice; keep running from yourself, or embrace yourself just as you are, in this moment. And I chose to embrace myself just as I am, with compassion, kindness and grace.