The attitude of gratitude

Such a simple thing, really

There was a time in my life when I felt like I was going to literally explode if one more person told me about gratitude. I was not in a good place, and felt that all my worries and fears were far greater than any amount of gratitude could solve, or shift the way I was feeling.

I was wrong.

Plain and simple.


The anger that I was feeling when people told me to feel grateful, when all I wanted to do was scream out loud that I was angry at the universe for letting me slip and slide into this muck of despair. And then, I honestly don’t know where it came from, but I had a thought ….

…… what if I actually was grateful for all the great things I have in my life, instead of focusing on what was not working, or causing me worry, concern, dread and fear.

And right there and then I decided ….

ENOUGH OF THAT! Enough of feeling sorry for myself. Of blaming myself, and others, for my plights in this world. Enough of playing small and doing what conventional life tells us is the normal path to take.

So what if I wanted to be a spiritual teacher. So what if I wanted to leave the corporate world behind. So what if no-one would ever get it. I got it. And that is all that mattered. 

And right here, and right now, I can honestly say ….

I HAVE CHANGED! FOR THE BETTER! Not just for myself, but for the countless other people that will be able to see that if I, and others with, before, and after me, can make this shift, then so can they.

Sure, there are bills to pay, so we need a stable source of income. And I am not going to blindly say – oh, the universe will provide. No. The universe has provided me with a brain to get a job, or do something, that can give me income. So what if I don’t reach millions of people. So what if all I do is just be. The magnificence of who I Am. The Awareness of who I Am. The spaciousness, beauty, love and joy of who I Am.

So darn what!

I am done with being a people pleaser. A compliant family member to the family idea of what life should like.

In this material life of form, we are but a glimpse in eternity, here today, gone tomorrow – so why on God’s earth would I want to be consumed with worrying about such nonsense.

Truthfully – I don’t.

I know there is an intelligence that you and I can not fathom, no matter how much effort, searching, seeking and trying we put into it. It just is. So, what the heck, I am diving straight into the quantum pool of eternal knowledge, and am going to swim around and just be. Me. The Self that I Am.


At long last.