Take Time Out for You

WoW! Almost another 365 days hurtling through space and traveling around the sun! Thanks Earth for staying on track and not getting swallowed into some black hole out there ;).

Yep, it is that time of the year when children are out and about on school and university holidays, shopping malls are a buzz of activity, and yet what I truly want, is a gingerbread biscuit with a warm cappuccino. Honestly, I do not mind sitting and watching the world of hustle and bustle go right by me.

As I see the people walk on by, I wonder, do you know the Love that you truly are? Do you love yourself deeply? And do you take time out for you. There are always those that the onerous tasks of preparing the festive meals falls to. There are those whose task it is to put up the trees and decorations, and then there are those who are inviting their families and extended families into their homes. What a time of busyness. And yes! This might sound like drudgery, but it is not. It is merely to highlight the importance of taking time out for you. Sit with a loved one and share a cuppa or glass of your choice. Catch up with one another. Just be. No rushing. No expectations. Just be.

Of course, if you have younger children – then stock up on fun (and safe) activities they can do that does not require your participation.

I am so grateful for the people in my life that remind me to slow down at times, to not bite off more than I can chew in one given moment (unless I am eating my pizza, then leave me alone – I will bite off more than I can chew, but I will survive – thanks Gloria Gaynor), and I am eternally grateful for those friends in my life who remind me not to take life so seriously and that everything will be okay.

I wonder how many internal emotional bruises I have inflicted on myself, just by not being kind to myself? Well, it doesn’t really matter really, because I let that all go. I honestly am not interested in the false image(s) I make of myself and others, and neither am I interested in what they think of me. That really is none of my business.

What I am interested in is the following:

  • am I taking time to just sit quietly and savor the moment
  • am I extending Love to whomever I meet during the day
  • am I extending Love all around the world
  • am I letting the worry, anxiety, stress and depression control me, or do I acknowledge that that is not who I am
  • am I taking the time to connect with mySelf and with my Source / God every single day, and many times in the day

Obviously there is much more, but the above are very important to me.

So, I am writing this really to you and me.

Let’s join in this together and remember to take the time to just be.

From my home to yours, my heart to yours – I am sending you love and laughter.

I love you.