Festive Cheer

Oh what a wonderful time of the year this is for so many people around the globe! Hallelujah! I am happy for you – I truly am. Now, not wanting to sound like the Grinch or a harbinger of doom and gloom, far be it from me to be anything remotely like this, I do want to point out the obvious.

There are countless people around the world – and I would have it a guess that this number would outweigh those who are truly in the mood of Festive Cheer – who are not feeling this at all. Whether it is someone who feels all alone in this world, those in war torn countries, those suffering from financial hardships, and those  who have lost all hope in this life, I am here to remind you that you can make a difference, no matter how big or small, in someone else’s life.

Share a smile with a stranger, pay for someone at the toll gate behind you, buy a coffee and a sandwich for a homeless person – but most of all – go out and tell people that they are not alone.

I remember reading Mother Teresa’s autobiography where she shared that her darkest hours was when she did not believe in God. Mother Teresa?! Did you even know she ever felt like this? I didn’t until I read it. But then something remarkable changed in her. She said she suddenly was aware of seeing the face of Jesus in everyone she met.  She taught for 17 years at the order’s school in Calcutta (Kolkata), and in 1946 Sister Teresa experienced her ‘call within a call’, which she considered divine inspiration to devote herself to caring for the sick and poor. She then moved into the slums she had observed while teaching. One day she was being interviewed on a radio station and the presenter asked her what could he do for her, as she had done so much for so many. He thought she might have answered something like – have a nice meal somewhere, but instead, this is what she told him. I want you to get up at 4am tomorrow morning and walk your streets where the homeless people live and tell as many people as you can that they are not alone. Mother Teresa was adamant that the worst fate to befall any person was to think that they are alone. Now THIS is love in action.

Take time to listen to someone in need. Extend love to all you meet. Give hugs to those you meet, but most of all – please tell others that they are not alone. This world can seem like a fearful and sad place for many, and I truly believe that for us who know who walks beside us each and every day, that we have a responsibility to share this with others. Although I might feel alone at times, my intellect tells me otherwise. But so much more than intellect is needed. Love is love when it is love in action.

Yesterday I mentioned to a friend that on Christmas day I want to find a homeless shelter where I can go and help cook and serve for those in need. She immediately said – count me in, I will come with you. Now this is true love in action.

So while you are celebrating with your family and friends, please take the time out to give love and comfort to those in need. And, of course – have an absolutely amazing time celebrating with all your loved ones too!

I love you – and together we can make this world a brighter and happier place to live in.