Wellness from Within

Millions upon millions of people make up the collective whole of all businesses around the globe. Every business has a different leadership style, a different reason for being in business, a different vision, goals and objectives. But one thing remains the same. Every business is operated, managed and lead by people. With this comes the complexities of different personalities, belief systems, gender differences, differences in sexual orientation, color, educational levels and so much more. But I think you get it, people make up businesses – and people are all different from one to the next.

People are amazing. With their unique talents, skills set, personalities and history, they bring a diversity into the workplace that should be cherished, not shunned. 

Changing from within is not about losing your identity. Quite the contrary. It is about finding your true identity and living according to the values, beliefs and uniqueness that makes you you.

After decades of working in management, leadership, executive, directorship and HR roles, I have seen countless stumbling blocks that keep people from reaching and working to their full potential. And most of these stumbling blocks are internal. Of course there are also external factors at play that prohibit far too many people reaching their full potential, but these will be dealt with through wellness from within, too.

But first of all, it ALL starts with you.

There is a need to strip away all that you are not, to create a space of safety within you, where it is no longer necessary to wear different masks for different occasions. It is about building your self-confidence, self-esteem, trust in your abilities, a knowing that it is okay not to have all the answers, and the wisdom to be and love yourself, no matter what. You are not here to gain the approval of others and to people please – you are here to realize your full potential, all while displaying compassion, integrity, trust, transparency, dignity and fairness to yourself and everyone else.

Once you have mastered the art of self-love, self-respect, self-confidence and compassion for yourself and others, then and only then, will you see your life starting to transform on the outside. Thus it can be seen – ALL change starts from within.

I imagine a world where all employees are harnessing their full potential in workplaces that are committed as much to their employees wellness, as to the wellness of the business. I see a world where all employees have bowed out of playing to the ego’s drum of greed, corruption, lust for more, and power-hungry mongers are silenced forever.

I see a world where businesses are embracing Wellness from Within, ensuring that inclusive leadership becomes a normal way of being, and where workplace wellness is not just talk, but it is visibly discernable to anyone working in, and looking in, to any business.

To recap – it all starts with you. Wellness from within is about you letting go of your false beliefs and fears about yourself and others, and it is about loving yourself no matter what. Then, it spreads from you, the individual, into the workplace where you work. Leaders start to include all in their teams, and they give everyone a chance to be heard. And at the same time, it is about businesses incorporating wellness into the workplaces, through policies, procedures, best practices, compassion and a genuine caring for the advancement of all their employees.

Now it must be said, that no matter what I have written above, there will always be those who buck the system, try and swim against the tide, and who cause mayhem wherever they go. This then would be the time when the business reassesses the culture fit of this individual within the company, and it might be that the best way forward is to part ways. But this too can be done with diplomacy.

I am not talking about hugging and loving all in the workplace. I am talking about creating sustainable businesses that act in compliance with the laws and regulations of their countries, and who ensure that people, the planet and profits are all equal in the eyes of the shareholders, owners and leaders of businesses.