Who Are You?

This is surely one of the greatest questions of all time. And, not surprisingly, a question with as many answers as people on the planet. Like Alice in Wonderland, I fell through this hole in time, and found myself floating – floating – floating. Until I landed with a bump! It soundly dawned on me – I had wasted much time trying to figure this out, when I could have been out there, living my life and just enjoying each and every moment, by just being myself. But, no! This was not enough – I continued to search for this answer, following some, leaving others in my quest to find what resonated with me. Because, my mind would reason, if I was out there just being myself, who was the I being my-self?

There are as many answers as there are questions. But of one thing I am certain. There is a power that connects all things and a consciousness that pervades all; uniting us as One. The collective consciousness of our planet, is far more powerful than the individual consciousness that we all experience. But finding out who you are is an exercise in experience, not theory. You have to experience who you are and not academically ‘know’ who you are.

I have experienced unknown phenomena, that science, nor my own thinking, can rationalize, which, in turn, led me to the answer – nothing is as it would seem.

From Shamanism, to A Course in Miracles, to the Tao Te Ching, to both conventional and unconventional religion (both eastern and western), spiritual paths and other teachings – I have traversed many different landscapes. Some I skittered over, whilst I took a deep dive into others. There seemed to be a thread linking them all.

What saddens me is that there are too many dogmatic, narrow-minded and bigoted individuals trying to push their own agenda. There are those who are inclusive in their teachings of non-duality, but there are others who stick to the letter of the word from which they are teaching, and can see absolutely no other way but their own. And this, throughout history, has been the cause of many a war.

I have gone through life with a giant sift in hand, shaking out the debris of thought that would divide us, and then looking at what remains. And what remains is this:- we are all here, having some form of experience in which we identify with our consciousness. We experience our humanity as real. Science would have us believe that anything that cannot be measured, is not true, and religion would have us believe in a deity that is force-fed to us.

People believe what they want to believe, so long as it does not make them feel uncomfortable. What do you believe? Do you judge others in their beliefs, or are you a side-line critic who would rather point fingers at others, so that the focus of attention never lands on you. Bravo to the ones who stand up for what they believe in, without shame or fear of retribution.

Whatever your belief, you are here, right now – reading these words, which will soon disappear and be a distant memory in your past.

To answer Who Are You? – probably the best way I can describe this is as follows:

You are both your human identity as well as a part of something that cannot be put into words – that eternal part within you that is so often described as ‘spirit’ – that which cannot be seen with the human eye, but which is as it is. You are a part of the power which unites us all, and which makes up the collective whole. Yes, this is my firm belief, but there are many others, and I accept that too.

Regardless of your personal belief, you need to understand that you are filtering everything through sense of reality, which is based primarily on linguistics. Through words. And words are powerful. Some say God, others say Higher Being, whilst others say my Higher Self. It makes no difference in the word you choose, so before you brand something – think about it without words. A paradox for sure. I mean, how can you think without words. But just give it a try. Picture what you believe in your mind, and then change the words to images, to feelings, and try and see the connectiveness that this holds with other beliefs. Love is love. Grace is grace. Compassion is compassion. Regardless from which pulpit you preach.

You will find yourself at the very core of you. Once you have stripped away everything, all the preconditioning, the filters you have in your life, and the beliefs you have learnt through the years – you will find a pureness that has always been there. Find this and you find you. Find this unravaged part of you, and then sit silently with yourself. In the words of Blaise Pascal – all of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

And why is this so? Because the biggest fear you have is finding out the truth of who you truly are, and realizing that you are responsible for everything that is happening in your life. No more blame-games. No more cynicism. No more wasting time.

You are you. A car is a car. They are both made up of many working parts, yet none can operate 100% efficiently unless all parts are connected and integrated correctly. Embrace all the parts that you are, without judgment. Look under your hood and give yourself a service. Change the oil and spark plugs. Get new tires if you have too. And make sure you have A-grade fuel to keep your engine running smoothly.

You are you. Love yourself just as you are. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made up until now, and will still make in time to come while here on earth, and – please – learn to sit with yourself quietly in a room.