A Shift in Perception

What is this fixation that so many people have on going to the East to find some form of deeper meaning to life that they cannot find here in the West? And what is it that makes people say that some places are clearer portals to the unknown, than other places? 

It really all boils down to what and how something makes you feel. Sure, when out in nature, you are naturally going to feel closer to your inner peace. When you are away from the hustle and bustle of every day living, you are going to find some form of calm, albeit fleeting, wash over you. You are no longer feeling the stress of your daily rituals and routines. You have, in essence, suspended your judgment in time. Literally and metaphorically. You have stepped out of your world into one that you think is the only means for you to totally relax and unwind. And why is that? Simply put, it is because you have removed yourself from all the triggers around you that ordinarily would have set off a creation of stress hormones in your body. Your thoughts are no longer infused with the busyness of living, and you have slowed down a smidgen to allow yourself a moment of reprise, to sit and breathe calmly. The noise has subsided in your head, and you have found peace both within and without. Now herein lies the problem.

You have failed to see that you can actually attain this peace, regardless of where you are. This peace is within you, waiting for you to connect with it. For some reason, however, you have not managed to do this. This peace is so buried beneath the surface of your doings, that it just seems like an insurmountable task to get past and to just be. So, instead, you remove yourself from your environment, for a short temporal reprise of calmness and serenity. Now whilst this is all great, wouldn’t it be just that much better to find the peace within you, regardless of where you are? Whether in an argument with a friend or family member, whether in the workplace, or whether in a heated political debate with a stranger. Does it matter where you are? No. Finding peace amidst the turmoil in our lives, is the best place to find it. And once you have realized that you can live from this place of peace, once you have pushed yourself out the way and let a new way of living embrace your once habitual routines, you will find that connecting with your peace is as easy as turning on a tap to fill up a glass of water. It really is as easy as ABC. But what it does require is a shift in perception.

And this shift begins with changing the way you look at, and think about, yourself and life.