Why Can I Not Stop Crying

I am not one to rehash the past, but sometimes you need to use examples from yesteryear to bring home an important point. The old adage of ‘big boys don’t cry’ has been used over and over again, and while this adage is a blatant lie and a misdirect of true emotional strength, what I want to talk about today, is why some people just cannot seem to stop crying. Crying can be cathartic to the soul. It can wash away sadness, help heal the hurts, disappointments, fears and failures, and it can also be a symptom of depression. So why do some people seem to be overwhelmed with grief and sadness. In simple terms, sometimes life just gets too much for them. Life can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and bleak. But on the flip side, life can be amazing, fun, adventurous, joyous and loving. It all comes down to how we interpret life and the events that are playing out in our own. Yes, people hurt, and yes, crying can be good for you. But constant crying, whether externally or internally, needs to be looked at under the microscope. Why? Because you are allowing vital life force energy to drain from your vitality. It can leave you feeling exhausted and lethargic, and this does not serve you in any way.

For you to find out why you cannot seem to stop crying, you need to find a place where you feel comfortable and safe, and you need to either have a journal and pen, or a very trustworthy confidant, and you need to start writing or verbalizing what you are thinking and feeling. Clarity comes when you are able to identify causes for your deep-seated unhappiness. If this is a long-term problem you are facing, then you need to seek professional medical assistance to help you learn to cope with the stressors in life. If you feel overwhelmed by things in your life, it definitely helps to either write it or down, of to have someone to speak to. Once you have verbalized what the issues are, just by speaking them out loud, helps release the power these emotions have over you.

What is very comforting is that nothing is as it seems. Most of the time the problems we conjure up in our minds, reside just there – in our minds. And most of the time, the things we worry about happening never come to pass. So what is the use of worrying?

Now whilst I am not religious, I do have a spiritual background. I have my honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics, and I know that there is more to life than meets the eye. I also know that I am exactly where I am today because of the choices I have made. I am not the victim here. When I started seeing this in a new and helpful light, I started to see the brightness that shines within me, and although I can give you no definitive answer to ‘what’s it all about?’, I can tell you this:- you are not alone. There is a presence far greater than you or I can ever fathom, that honestly does want us to succeed, we just have to find the way in the maze we have created in our lives. Whether this presence is purely energy or something else, I cannot say, but I know that the energy is there. How do I know this? Is it because I want it to be true? No, I know this because I have seen a force at work in my own life, that is loving, kind, gentle, yet firm, direct and healing.

So if you find that you cannot stop crying, take time out to write or speak about what is bothering you. This will help you let go of the power that these debilitating emotions are holding over you, and you will also get to see that not everything is as it would seem.

Love yourself enough to do the work. Love yourself enough to cry if you want to. There is nothing wrong with that. But if your crying won’t abate, and if writing down your thoughts and feelings, or speaking about them to your confidant, does not help, then seriously consider seeing a medical professional who can help you best deal with your emotional crisis. You are not alone. We are all in this together.