Love Yourself No Matter What

I am pressed to write this blog because I see just how many people do not love themselves, regardless of the no matter what sentiment. A while back someone asked me what I did. I told her that I teach people to love themselves, and her reply was give me some of that please. I thought she was just making a joke, but it turns out that she was completely serious. And this from someone who I thought had this down to a fine art. I was mistaken. And it got me to thinking about just how many people out there in the world battle with loving themselves too.

Looking around the world I see war torn countries, famine, the escalation of deaths due to the Covid virus and lack of vaccines. I see atrocities of all kinds; corruption, internal political fighting, a lack of tolerance for one another, and hurt people hurting others. But, I also see – loving acts of kindness all over the world. I see people of service giving so much. I see people with plenty give to those who have less. I see people standing up for change, for equality for all, and for a better world for everyone. I see people with humanity and love in their hearts, and I see others helping to save our planet. Our collective home. 

Change is possible and inevitable. It is a constant. Just look around you and see how much you have changed, how much your family has changed, how much your community has changed. There is a life cycle to everything. There is life and there is decay. You cannot have one without the other. Fighting this is futile, it just is what it is. There is birth and there is death; there is light and there is darkness – you cannot have one without the other.

But how can you make sense of this all? How can you accept the inevitable, with love, joy, peace and calm in your hearts. Easy. You learn to love yourself no matter what. You learn to be kind to yourself. You learn to give more than you receive, and you learn that no matter what, we are ALL equal is a human race. No one is better than the other. No one has the sole rights to this play we are acting out on the stage. We are all in it together. Sure, there are people with different roles, but they are still no better than anyone else. They simply are people with different roles to play in this point in time. So start with stopping comparing yourself to others. Look to your life, your role you are playing on the stage of life. And play that part to the best of your ability. After all, William Shakespeare said: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

To love yourself no matter what, really means to love yourself with your perception of good and bad. Regardless of your failures in life, where perhaps you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt others, where you have been less than you have wanted to be, you can let this all go now. Just let it go. Stop having such a tight hold on your life that you are not prepared to forgive yourself, yet you are able to forgive others. Be kind to you.

You are here. You might as well make the most of it. Find your own truth within and know this – it is not possible to love another until you first learn to love yourself. This means forgiving yourself for falling short of your own standards, let go of your past, walk away from toxic situations and relationships, and welcome in the dawning of a new day. It is completely possible to live a peaceful life, even in the midst of perceived chaos. Remember this, love is what you are. Love is all there is. Love can never fail. Let the hurt go and give love a chance, and love yourself – no matter what.