Policies & Procedures

Throughout my career in Human Resources, I have worked in small organizations, large multi-national organizations and family-owned businesses. There was a striking difference between the Human Resources expertise accessibility in these businesses.

And this is not only based on the size of the business. It is also based on financial constraints of the organization. Yet, Human Resources is one of the key critical functions in any business.

I remember reading a book written by Jack Welch (former CEO and Chairman of General Electric), Winning, where he explained the close working relationship he had with his Human Resources Director. It was inspiring to read.

But just how many companies can afford, especially faced with the pandemic crisis that has had a negative impact on business worldwide. And this has also had a ripple effect of many people starting their own businesses, but are they adequately equipped to handle issues such as company policies and procedures?

And better yet, why is it important to have policies, procedures and best business practices?

Simply put, they are the rules that you will lead your business by. They set the ground rules for all to follow/comply with. They cannot  be put together haphazardly; they need thoughtful construct, and must be easy for all in the business to understand. If there are multiple languages in your business, it is also important that everyone understands the document, if it is written in the universal language, English.

You will see under Transparency Commission, that I have a section for Policies and Procedures. Here I will be posting FREE policies and procedures in .pdf format, so that anyone can get access to them. These are generic documents, and you can also purchase the same documents in other formats, which you can customize to meet the needs of your own business. But for now, please feel free to download all documents as they are created.

If you need staff to understand the rules of the company, then it is critical they have easy access to these documents. This can be via an intranet system, a hard copy of the documents in their managers’ offices, or they can be kept in an accessible centralized place, like the Human Resources or Business Owner’s office.

Perhaps it is time for you to take stock of the relevance of your current policies and procedures, and if you do not have any, to start changing this. This will go a long way in ensuring that there is consistency in expectations of all parties with regards to their behavior in the workplace.