Regardless of life’s current circumstancelove yourself

Regardless of your pastlove yourself

Regardless of your unknown futurelove yourself

Regardless of past failureslove yourself

Regardless of where you live – love yourself

Regardless of how much money you have love yourself

Regardless of hurt and disappointmentlove yourself

Always. No matter what. Love yourself.


Wellness is your birthright, yet many people on our planet do not have the necessary resources to achieve wellness in their lives. It is this program’s goal to bring wellness to as many people as possible. This program is not a substitute for medical intervention, but merely provides you with tools to illuminate the path to wellness in all areas of your life:

  1. spiritual – your essence
  2. mental – your mind
  3. emotional (including relational) – your emotions
  4. physical – your body
  5. financial – abundance
  6. career – your passion

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the Gift of Love.

Do you need help to navigate the core areas in your life (mental, emotional, spiritual) – and would like assistance in reaching the milestones you set for yourself? If you answered yes, then feel free to contact me for more information.

Sometimes all you need in life is someone who will listen, help you clear out the debris of the past, shake off the fear of the future, and learn to live in the daily flow (minute-by-minute) of life. Learn to tap into your own inner guidance system (your personalized internalized GPS), and find that your best friend has been with you all the time – YOU! Reclaim your power and uniqueness, and celebrate the beauty of who you are. You are not alone.

Your portal to happiness.

JLB Wellness Academy is dedicated to giving you access to material to help you change your life. The fragility of the material world is not to be feared, but rather, use it as a school for optimal learning. Learn how to move from a state of lovelessness to a state of pure love, without encumbrance. Learn to navigate uncharted waters by getting the necessary guidance as and when needed.

JLB Wellness Academy will grow from where it is, to where it will offer a myriad of different lessons on how to deal with many of life’s difficulties. Live a life of happiness, not sadness. A life of love, not fear.


The Love Yourself – No Matter What JLB Wellness Program launches March 2022. It focuses on 3-core areas in your life – your spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. If you are feeling stuck, alone, helpless, and if you feel like life is happening to you and you have no control over it, then this is the PERFECT PROGRAM FOR YOU.

All of us, at some point in our lives, treat ourselves poorly. We lose focus on what truly matters. We chase after sandcastles in the sky, pipe-dreams of ego-based grandeur, and when all falls flat – we see it as the fault of something outside of us. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we see outside of ourselves is nothing more than a projection of what we think internally.

This Wellness Program focuses on correcting your thought system, understanding your emotional triggers, and grounding yourself and staying centered in joy, happiness and peace always.


Change can happen in an instant; in that moment you make a decision to see things differentlyThis is what JLB Wellness Academy™ is all about – your portal to happiness.

JLB Wellness Academy™ focuses on online courses, programs, live classes and coaching to help you receive the best resources to help you live in a permanent state of mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, a grounded blueprint for life, and to help pave the best way forward so that you can achieve your life’s goals, plans, purpose and passion. There are FREE online courses so that as many people as possible can receive the help and guidance they need, but might not currently be able to financially afford.

unashamedly ethical

I am a member of the Unashamedly Ethical organization. Unashamedly Ethical is a global movement of individuals and organizations’ guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living. 

The goal of this movement is to develop an unashamedly ethical culture among this generation of leaders and the next.

This is such a worthwhile organization to connect with. It will help us all go a long way in bringing about the change we want to see in our world.