love yourself no matter what

Regardless of life’s current circumstancelove yourself

Regardless of your pastlove yourself

Regardless of your unknown futurelove yourself

Regardless of past failureslove yourself

Regardless of where you live – love yourself

Regardless of how much money you have love yourself

Regardless of hurt and disappointmentlove yourself

Always. No matter what.


JLB Wellness Programs focus on mental and emotional wellbeing. They cover areas such as loving yourself, wellness, growth and change, all starting from within. The programs help you peel away layers that you have cultivated over the years, perhaps decades. Layers of untruths. Layers of unhealthy protection. They help you identify with who you truly are, they show you your own innate power and wisdom within, and they help you step into the freedom and success in your life, whatever that might be for you.

Why coaching? This is a great question and one that cannot easily be answered until you have had the experience of the benefits of a coaching session. Most clients, family and friends I have spoken to about this, have all said the same thing: – they just want someone to listen; to hear them. They are not looking for someone to tell them what to do, but they want someone who is trained to ask you the right questions. Coaching is based on the client’s needs, and offers a structured process for change.

There is no need to take forever for things to change for you. Change can happen in an instant; in that moment you make a decision to see things differently. This is what JLB Wellness Academy™ is all about – accelerated healing, growth and change through looking at alternative opportunities and possibilities that you can choose to live, through the changing of your perception of your life as it is in this moment. There are numerous courses that cover a wide variety of topics, and some are free.


A lack of self-love is why so many people are needlessly hurting. It is only possible to deeply love others when you first learn to love yourself – no matter what. This means setting healthy boundaries, forgiving yourself and others for past hurts, grievances, disappointments, failures, betrayals, and so much more. Holding onto the past and living in the future does nothing to free you from what weighs you down. In this program you will find 12 simple, yet powerful, steps to lead you from where you are to where you love yourself – no matter what. This is about you. You owe it to yourself to love you.

Patterns are learnt behaviors that you repeat over and over again. You live on autopilot and do not realize that the door to your cage is open. There is safety in living in the known, but no real freedom. Freedom comes from knowing the power of you, knowing the power of change, and knowing the power in the act of creating. You are always creating something. You create your life and have created your life up until this point. If you do not like what you have created, change it. You have the power to be free of all inner restrictions. You have the power to be you, the power to change, and the power to create what you want.

Success is innately personal. What does success mean to you? To some it is all about having power, money, and to others it is about living a healthy and balanced life. So I ask you again, what is success to you? If you find you have an unhealthy relationship to success, or you are coming up against obstacles to your success, then this program is for you. You will learn to identify what success is to you. You will focus on your beliefs and perceptions and learn to reprogram those that no longer work for you. You will remove the obstacles that stand in your way of achieving the success you are looking for in your life. 


JLB Coaching Programs focus on three distinct areas, and you can do these coaching sessions privately or as part of a group.

  1. learn to love yourself and let the past go
  2. mental and emotional wellbeing
  3. create your own blueprint for success.

Private Online Coaching sessions can be booked per session or in a different choice of packages, outlined below:

  1.   5 x sessions
  2. 10 x sessions
  3. 20 x sessions

Group Coaching sessions focus on building a community of support for people who are feeling alone in their experiences.

  1. privacy and respect must be maintained
  2. you need to know you are not alone
  3. a problem shared is a problem halved


JLB Wellness Academy™ provides you with a host of resources to help you on your journey of self-discovery, wellness, healing, growth and change.

It focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing, both which are fundamental to living a healthy and balanced life. All too often the humdrum of daily living takes over and becomes a routine. Before you know it, a decade has flown by. The children are heading off to university or their first job, and you sit down and wonder where the time has gone. 

Or you are about to embark on your own journey away from your family, and you realize that you do not know who you are without the familiarity of those around you, and you do not know what you want from life. These resources will help guide you find the answers for yourself, using your own innate wisdom. You have the power to heal, grow and change. Embrace it. Own it.

unashamedly ethical

I am a member of the Unashamedly Ethical organization. Unashamedly Ethical is a global movement of individuals and organizations’ guided by a founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values and clean living. 

The goal of this movement is to develop an unashamedly ethical culture among this generation of leaders and the next.

This is such a worthwhile organization to connect with. It will help us all go a long way in bringing about the change we want to see in our world.