Recalibration in action ....

  1. in the beginning – find your due north
  2. in the beginning – clear the playing fields
  3. in the beginning – set clear intentions
  4. personal wellbeing – 12 steps to loving you
  5. personal wellbeing – love yourself no matter what
  6. personal wellbeing – dealing with toxic emotions
  7. professional success – visionary leadership
  8. professional success – workplace wellness
  9. professional success – workplace wealth

Regardless of life’s circumstanceslove yourself

Regardless of your pastlove yourself

Regardless of your unknown futurelove yourself

Regardless of past failureslove yourself

Regardless of where you live – love yourself

Regardless of how much money you have love yourself

Regardless of hurt and disappointmentlove yourself

Always. No matter what. Love yourself.

JLB Wellness Services

JLB Wellness Services are here to help you tap into your wellness from within, which in turn will help you find the love, freedom, peace and joy you are looking for in your life. This is supported by programs, coaching, therapy, events, resources and through various online courses.

There are 12 Progressive Programs that have been created to help you grow and develop in your life. There are 3 FREE 7-day programs to help you get started with on your path to wellness from within. I hope to meet with you soon.

1:1 and Group Coaching Sessions are available. Here you will find a coach that will help you deal with the obstacles that are keeping you stuck in your life, and create actionable steps that you can take to move forward confidently in your life.

1:1 and group therapy sessions cover areas of wellness from within. If you are battling with inner conflict, unresolved past issues, fear of the future and/or failure, then you have come to the right place to help you embrace life today.

JLB Wellness Programs

All personal & professional wellness courses and programs are available in our online academy. You can register for FREE at our wellness academy where you will find FREE and online courses that will help you on your path to freedom and wellness from within.

In the beginning ....

Assess and acknowledge where you are at, recalibrate your inner GPS (your gut feelings and/or intuition) to your own due north, start clearing the playing fields and set clearly outlined intentions of what you want from life.

Personal Wellbeing

This is where things start to get very real; where you start emptying out the closets of your mind; where you look at preprogrammed conditioning, stop living on autopilot, and start letting go of toxic emotions.

Professional Success

There are phenomenal leaders and then there are those whose actions are questionable. To succeed professionally, learn how to be a visionary leader, how to instill workplace wellness, and how to redefine workplace wealth.

FREE 7-day Programs

This process is for anyone who has experienced some form of trauma in their lives where they just want to run away from it all. If you can relate to this, then these programs have been created for you. You will learn how to recalibrate your life’s direction, and this will help you connect with who you are deep down. It is for anyone who wants to press the stop button, pause, and then re-start again; with a new vision, a clean slate, and with hope, love, gentleness, kindness and compassion to yourself and others, and with a new found purpose in your life.

For many, change can be debilitating. Whether it be a loss of a loved one, a job, divorce, bankruptcy, or anything else that derails us. Sometimes we just lose our way. Find Your Due North will help you reset your inner compass and find your way back to you.

We are so caught up in playing at the game of life that sometimes we do not see that the goals have shifted, players have changed, rules are outdated, and we fail to see that some games are over. It is time to clear the playing fields and start afresh.

Have you started writing your life’s intentions, only to be bogged down by the detail? I want this, but how do I get there? That is counterintuitive, as you get lost in the maze. Rather, get a clear picture of how you want your life to be, and start from there.

Personal Programs

Although there is no such thing as linear time (thanks Einstein and others), as humans, we are ‘processing’ human beings where we view the past, present and future as our own perceptive reality. A-type personalities love to self-control, so the natural progression of these programs will make ‘sense’ to them, as they ‘progress’ along this timeline of learning. These programs are designed to help you do some serious deep dives into the psyche of your soul, to go to places where you want no-one else to go, and where you will be able to truly look at yourself in the mirror of truth, and see the honest reflection of who you are.

Dive deep into your life and find the inner gem that you are. Love yourself no matter what has been, what is, and what is yet to be. These are 12 practical and simple steps to take you on your inner journey of love, freedom and joy.

We all make mistakes and have some deep-seated regrets at some point in our lives. But how we bounce back is what defines the moment. This program helps you let Love and Healing lead the way, through Forgiveness and Compassion.

Toxic emotions do not serve you on any level. Being bitter, angry, hateful, bigoted, cruel, depressed, anxious, helpless, and many other debilitating emotions, all need to be recognized, acknowledged and released.

Professional Programs

There are countless programs and courses you can take that will teach you all the academia behind leadership, workplace wellness and wealth, but I am here to show you the practical application of how this looks and feels, and what outcomes you can expect to receive (your ROI if you will), when you place truthful leadership, wellness and wealth at the center core of your business.

Visionary leaders look not just at external events, but they are also finely tuned into the state of the wellbeing of the business and their people. But most importantly, they lead from the front and are not afraid of change.

Play an active part in bringing wellness into your workplace and learn how to love what you do and do what you love. Wellness in the workplace is not only possible, but it is essential to ensure longevity and sustainability.

Workplace Wealth focuses on the wealth within every employee and how to tap into this wealth. The wealth of talent, skill, knowledge and experience are gems that are rare and precious. Invest in your people and the environment.

JLB Wellness Online Courses

Welcome to your wellness portal of learning. Here you will find online courses that will help you grow and develop from within, no matter who or where you are. JLB Wellness Academy focuses on your personal and professional wellness from within.

Wellness is for Everyone

Far too many people live in survival mode and it becomes instinctive and addictive. They don’t even realize they are doing this. Everything that is out of sync with your wellbeing is within you, and you can change this. Your body produces chemicals that create your emotions, which determines how you feel and act. Your mind controls your emotions, and your emotions control your thoughts. Who is wagging who here? Is the dog wagging the tail, or is the tail wagging the dog?

The first place to focus on your wellbeing is to focus on your mental and emotional state. Once you have reprogrammed your mind, all else will fall into place. But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself. Mental and emotional wellbeing and stability is the start of a whole new life for you. Mental, emotional and spiritual disentanglement is liberation in action.

Register for FREE at JLB Wellness’s online community of likeminded people who are invested in their own personal and professional wellness.

The Academy focuses on personal and professional wellbeing, and these are the three categories that you can find the courses under, namely:

  1. professional wellness programs, coaching and courses
  2. personal wellness programs, coaching and courses
  3. foundational wellness programs, coaching and courses